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Diet Simple Tip# 132 for Party Goers: The 25 Percent Blowout!

December 10, 2017

Here's some rocket science: What happens when you go to four or five parties in a week, and you eat yourself silly at each one? You'll make a good social impression, but the impression on the scale at the end of the week will be even more impressive.

It's difficult for serious party goers to keep food intake and calories under control. Every sideboard and dining table is loaded with food, and every bottle is filled with caloric libations.

In Diet Simple's Chapter, "The Party Goer's Guide to Perfect Weight," which is especially appropriate for party animals, anyone who entertains (or is entertained) frequently for pleasure or for business, or those who go home for the holidays' Tip #132, "The 25 Percent Blowout," shares sage advice:

Don't stay home, for goodness' sake, but try this little trick: Suppose you've been invited to four gatherings. The hostess of Saturday night's party is justly renowned for her fabulous cooking. Allow yourself to indulge like crazy. Have your fill. But that's it for the week. At the other three parties, feel free to taste whatever healthful offerings that happen to be available. Otherwise, limit yourself to a glass of sparkling water. Won't you be hungry? No, because you were wise enough to eat before leaving home.**

At the height of the holiday season, you might find yourself invited to four parties in a week. Go to all of them - and indulge at one.

**Excerpted from Diet Simple: 195 Mental Tricks, Substitutions, Habits & Inspirations

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DC Dept of Public Works' Mobile Canvases

December 3, 2017

This morning, when I came outside to greet my sanitation workers, I was stunned to see a beautiful canvas of flowers on their recycling truck. When I asked about it, the guys proudly told me that their truck was painted by a local artist. 

Apparently, the DC Department of Public Works collaborated with the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities to create mobile canvases "featuring the work of local artists to highlight the importance of recycling," according to the website.  The project, dubbed "Designed to Recycle," wrapped ten recycling trucks, says the website.

I, personally, appreciated waking up to this bright display and the always cheerful sanitation workers whose work is critical to the health and safety of DC citizens. Bravo!

See all of the artists' designs.

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Tip# 139: Give Away Leftovers! Stay Slim Through The Holidays 5 Ways

November 26, 2017

In tip#139 of my book, "Diet Simple," I share a little reminder that... it's not the holiday meal that puts the weight on, it's eating the high calorie leftovers again... and again... and again... on Friday... Saturday... Sunday... and beyond... Get rid of them (I'm pretty sure a homeless shelter would appreciate them)! But keep the tasty and healthy turkey, bones, and veggies to make a yummy soup that'll soothe your loved ones' souls - and bodies.

Splurging is great. but I recommend you get back to normal eating as soon as possible. Think of the Thanksgiving feast as one lovely day, and then, indulge yourself with the love of friends and family the rest of the weekend. Besides, isn't love, friendship and thankfulness the most important parts of the holidays?

Soup is perfect for 5 reasons...

Soups are an especially good use for your leftovers. Why? They are satisfying in many ways: First, they are easy to throw together (as an example, Goody's Vegetable Soup in "Diet Simple"). Second, psychologically, soups warm your body and soul. Third, physically, they are yummy and filling, yet low in calories. Fourth, Soups made with Thanksgiving leftovers are brimming with nourishment from the most nutrient-dense foods available: veggies! And fifth, eating soups slows you down, calms you, helps you eat more leisurely, and mindfully. And mindfulness helps your body and mind in surprising  ways.

I've written about the "Science of Slimming Soups," in Diet Simple and on my blog, and you'll be amazed at the results!

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