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Remember the Name Eduardo Herrera Harfuch

April 2, 2013

The Phoenix's Samantha and Sharon Hays with Penny Morrill (Photo by: Judith Beermann) The Phoenix's Samantha and Sharon Hays with Penny Morrill

Thank you, Penny Morrill for introducing me to Eduardo Herrera Harfuch.

For more than three decades, I've been coming to The Phoenix for the finest in contemporary Mexican silver.

But not since Jean Puiforcat, the French sculptor and silversmith who moved to Mexico in 1934, and had been dead 40 years before I 'discovered' him, has a silver designer so moved me.

Arrecife bracelet (Photo by: eduardoherreraharfuch.com) Arrecife bracelet

Inspired by geometry and nature (especially bird plumage and sea creatures), Harfuch's exquisite 950 silver necklaces and bracelets are hand-crafted in brushed, oxidized and vermeil finishes.

Nautilus oxidized and vermeil necklace (Photo by: eduardoherreraharfuch.com) Nautilus oxidized and vermeil necklace

Look for 29-year old Eduardo Herrera Harfuch to eclipse Hector Aguilar as Mexico's finest silversmith.

EH monogramed  jewelry display box (Photo by: Judith Beermann) EH monogramed jewelry display box

Author's Olivo necklace (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Author's Olivo necklace

The Phoenix is located at 1514 Wisconsin Avenue. Tel: 202.338.4404

Eduardo Herrara Harfuch's studio (Photo by: eduardoherrareharfuch.com) Eduardo Herrara Harfuch's studio

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Capella Brings Luxury and High Style to Georgetown

March 24, 2013

As of last Friday, Georgetown welcomed The Capella, Washington, D.C., a luxury hotel with 49 guest rooms and suites, dining overlooking the C&O Canal, an executive boardroom, and a rooftop pool and bar offering sweeping views of the D.C. skyline. And what's more, it snagged The Georgetown Dish's fashion writer, April Yvonne.

April Yvonne, Capella's Resident Stylist (Photo by: capellahotels.com) April Yvonne, Capella's Resident Stylist

"I am thrilled to be The Capella D.C.'s Resident Stylist - a hotel like nothing D.C. has seen before - and I'm excited to get started!"

Immersing her guests in the high-powered, cosmopolitan world of fashion and shopping in our Nation's Capital, April maintains exclusive relationships with designer labels like Christian Dior and upscale shopping outlets including Saks Fifth Avenue, she provides Capella guests with personal fashion and shopping advice and services, including private after-hours shopping excursions. 

By making note of her clients’ choices and interests, or to ensure the privacy that many guests desire, she also is happy to greet guests at the hotel with garments, dresses and accessories that match their taste and interests, should they wish to remain ensconced in the intimate property.

The Capella, Washington D.C.  is located at 1050 31st Street. Tel: 202.617.2400

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'The List'

February 21, 2013

I recognized Elsa on page 11 of The List, the author’s thinly disguised real best friend in her breakout first novel. Eight years ago at Café Milano, a bright young contemporary art dealer had brought her writer friend Karin Tanabe along to meet me. We were all there to network. I was at Capitol File magazine at the time (two years before Politico was launched), and knew immediately I was in the company of the best talent around. A wickedly funny, Vassar grad with expensive taste and exotic travel habits, Karin was already mulling over the theme for her first book.

(Photo by: Karin Tanabe via Facebook)

Expecting a fun ride, I was delighted to discover that The List is also a tautly woven, witty tale of rising to the top in a field where nimble tweeting fingers are as important as recognizing senators from obscure western states and standing out in a room full of policy wonks. I knew Karin had those skills, but I was thrilled to see she doesn’t take herself too seriously and can write a ‘whydunnit’ as well as the best of ‘em.

It’s a stylishly haute romp between D.C. and Middleburg (where Adrienne Brown is currently living in her parents' horse barn while she tries to survive her first year as a gossip columnist at Capitolist, known to insiders as The List). She soon finds herself sleuthing around for photographic proof of what she hopes will be her ticket out of 14-hour cubicle-filled days in the publication’s Style department.

It’s a juicy story alright, one with plenty of self-deprecating irony and lustful drooling to keep you turning the pages till the end. A tale as much about situational ethics and coming of age as it as about the rigors of the modern media world, The List is a must-read.

Brava Karin!

Meet the author Saturday, February 23 at Politics and Prose.

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