A La Carte

The Fairmont's Abuzz with Green Partners

August 19, 2012

Casa Bella, Casa Blanca, Casa Bianca, Casa Bellisa and their 105,000 residents have been busy keeping Georgetown gardens flowering and the hotel’s culinary program sweet atop the roof of The Fairmont Washington, D.C. since 2009. 

In the Colonnade Room (Photo by: Judith Beermann) In the Colonnade Room

All part of the hotel’s response to the nation’s honeybee shortage, and a corporate-wide commitment by the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to pioneer hotel environmental stewardship, these four gentle hives of Italian honeybees have now become ambassadors for conservation.

“It’s inspirational to have this program after such devastation to the crop,” says chief beekeeper and executive chef, Ian Bens. “Besides encouraging a sense of community, the bees help to pollinate local gardens three to five miles away. Our non-aggressive Italian bees are good at bringing in the honey.”

Not all bees and fabulous service though. Through its Green Partnership, the hotel has incorporated a number of initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle into the hotel’s daily operating practices.  And, for the third year, the hotel hosted its annual Green Fair last Friday.

Julie Abramovic, Fairmont Pittsburgh (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Julie Abramovic, Fairmont Pittsburgh

Showcasing the eco-efforts of many DC-based organizations as well as the hotel’s own green program, it was also an opportunity to meet the people behind the efforts.  

From Pittsburgh and the newest (gold LEED Certified) North American Fairmont, Julie Abramovic brought all-natural, fragrant handmade soaps, sourced from local beef and created by their culinary team. 

“Everyone can have a voice for those who have no voice,” Kerry Zobor was describing the many programs of the World Wildlife, including symbolic adoptions of plush toys, representing 80 different endangered species.

Laura and Kerry Zobor, World Wildlife Fund (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Laura and Kerry Zobor, World Wildlife Fund

Solar panels, energy-saving lightbulbs, and biking, to name a few of the environmentally friendly programs at the fair.

What better way to cap off a visit to the city’s most welcoming hotel than lunch at Juniper. “Local, seasonal, sustainable” is their motto. Add delicious.

Edgar, Juniper Server Extraordinaire (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Edgar, Juniper Server Extraordinaire

In the courtyard, served with grace and charm by Edgar, it was a Lancaster County tomato salad with sweet peppers, cucumbers, olive oil croutons and sweet basil accompanied by a glass of White Hall Cabernet Sauvignon. The Rock Creek quiche with Kennebec potatoes, Lancaster county leeks and Bijou goat cheese was followed mango sorbet in a crispy pastry shell.

The Fairmont is located at 2401 M Street.

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Dishing with The Dish

August 12, 2012

On a sultry August evening, The Georgetown Dish contributors, those that weren't on vacation or traveling on business, convened at their favorite neighborhood bistro, Puro Café for a summer get-together.

Chef Howsoon (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Chef Howsoon

New Puro chef, Howsoon dazzled guests on the patio with wine, mozzarella-filled ravilo, crostini with salmon and herbs, warm pita with spicy feta cheese, tzatziki and hummus, roasted eggplant, olive tapenade, and Moroccan spinach spreads.

Ada Polla, Constance Chatfield-Taylor and Bill Rice (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Ada Polla, Constance Chatfield-Taylor and Bill Rice

You know their work, now meet the faces: 'Community Palette' (Peter Rosenstein), 'King Cake' (Ada Polla), Leslie Kamrad, 'Off the Tracks' (Constance Chatfield-Taylor), Bill Rice, 'Living Lite' (Katherine Tallmadge), 'Runaway Spoon' (Janet Staihar) and 'À La Carte' (Judith Beermann).

Rashid Hassouni, Janet Staihar, Constance Chatfield-Taylor and Leslie Kamrad (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Rashid Hassouni, Janet Staihar, Constance Chatfield-Taylor and Leslie Kamrad

A nod to owner Rashid Hassouni who gracously hosted The Georgetown Dish for this private outdoor celebration.

Janet, Constance and Leslie (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Janet, Constance and Leslie

Conversations ran the gamut ... from politics (taking the pulse on Mayor Gray's tenure and Romney's VP choice) to travel (the wonders of Abu Dhabi and Qatar), and back to Georgetown (the changing landscape of business and best consignment shopping), these local journalists caught up.

A little wine later, plans for a day trip to New York City shopping trip via Vamoose (we're talking serious consignment here) and more weekly treks to area farmers' markets for healthful local produce, thanks to a knowing nudge (and offers for tested recipes) from our celebrity nutritionist, Katherine Tallmadge.

Judith, Peter, Janet and Constance (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Judith, Peter, Janet and Constance

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Invest in Real Estate with Fundrise

August 8, 2012

The Miller brothers have a new venture. On Tuesday, Fundrise announced the launch of its website, providing an online platform that "democratizes real estate investment, by empowering local individuals to purchase securities representing shares of ownership in local real estate and share in potential profits of new businesses."

Debuting its first investment offering in Washington, D.C.'s Atlas District, Fundrise is offering D.C. and Virginia residents the opportunity to purchase equity in Fundrise 1351 H Street, LLC, which owns The Maketto Building -- the future home of Maketto, a hybrid food and fashion market by the teams behind the restaurant Toki Underground and DURKL, a D.C.-based American streetwear company.

The money raised will be used to renovate the building and install the interior infrastructure for Maketto. The fashion and food destination plans to open in early 2013. Fundrise 1351 H Street, LLC aims to continue to involve shareholders after the offering has completed, inviting them to participate and engage in the restaurant's development process.

 1351 H Street NE Fundrise 1351 H Street LLC - Washington DC $76,600 Invested $325,000 Goal 35 Investors View Investment Offering. Own equity in real estate on H Street NE   (Photo by: Fundrise) 1351 H Street NE Fundrise 1351 H Street LLC - Washington DC $76,600 Invested $325,000 Goal 35 Investors View Investment Offering. Own equity in real estate on H Street NE
About Fundrise

Fundrise is an online investment platform that lets local individuals invest in, own and build local places, such as real estate, restaurants and small businesses. Fundrise selects potential investments and offers securities to the public through its online investment management site. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Fundrise was founded by brothers Benjamin and Daniel Miller, along with team members Kenny Shin and Brandon Jenkins.

Benjamin and Daniel are also co-founders of Popularise, the online neighborhood crowdsourcing site, as well as Managing Principals at WestMill Capital Partners.

About WestMill Capital Partners

WestMill Capital Partners is a real estate investment company focused on the acquisition, financing, and development of retail-entertainment and urban, mixed-use properties in Washington, D.C.

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