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M Squared: Local Real Estate Brokerage Nationally Recognized for Industry-Leading Innovation

January 27, 2013

As in politics, all real estate is local. So agree Dominic Morocco and Mark Mlakar, founders of M Squared Real Estate. You’ve walked by their corporate headquarters in Georgetown off Wisconsin Avenue, but perhaps you couldn’t see from their architectural studio-like window just what makes this small brokerage firm unique.

Dominic Morocco (Photo by: msquaredrealty.com) Dominic Morocco

“M Squared is a technology development and new media marketing firm that practices in the space of residential real estate,” says co-founder, Dominic Morrocco. “We partner with our consultants and deliver original technology and marketing solutions that enable them to be better agents, delivering better service to their clients.”

As Morrocco explains, “Our idea is to take the technology, graphic design and marketing burden away from our agents. With high standard consistent branding, and unparalleled in-house marketing services, we enable our agents to focus 100 percent on the needs of their clients.”

Sound simple? What it takes to accomplish that is what sets M Squared Realty apart. In fact, Dominic Morocco has made this year’s Inman 100 List, an annual report of the nation’s most influential real estate leaders.

Mark Mlakar (Photo by: msquaredrealty.com) Mark Mlakar

M Squared was also recently recognized by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate’s “Beta Brokerage: An Index of Brokerage Innovation” initiative for their innovative,  next-generation brokerage practices based on five key trends: 1) new approaches to talent attraction, 2) expert sourcing for local content, 3) indentifying and owning trends, 4) implementation of sophisticated marketing and social media, and 5) leveraging technologies to maximize efficiencies.

From transaction management, to listing marketing, to a social media network of over 30,000, M Squared’s custom-built, back-end technology enables their consultants to operate virtually with the company’s in-house marketing and administrative departments, bringing many people together for each transaction. 

And as they grow, with a new office opening in Logan Circle this March, M Squared has no plans to expand outside of Washington, DC. “We believe in doing what we do very well and not getting into areas we’re not familiar with.  We’re a Washington, DC brokerage deeply committed to serving the needs of Washington DC residents.” says Mlakar, principal broker and co-founder.

Inside M Squared's Georgetown office (Photo by: msquaredrealty.com) Inside M Squared's Georgetown office

For more information, visit M Squared Realty.

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Boged Hits its Mark

January 17, 2013

Now playing in the Gonda Theatre at Georgetown University is Boged (Traitor): An Enemy of the People, a one-act contemporary interpretation by Boaz Gaon and Nir Erez of a Henrik Ibsen play, set in the Negev.

When scientist Tommy Moany (Michael Tolaydo) discovers the environmental effects of a sudden chemical leak in an Israeli industrial park, his brother Simon the mayor, (Brian Hemmingsen), town industrialist Moddy Eckstein (Sarah Marshall), the media, and even Simon’s father-in-law wrestle with how to deal with the reluctant whistleblower. "The right thing always starts a war," says Moddy Eckstein.

Clark Young, Sarah Marshall and Michael Tolaydo (Photo by: Stan Barough) Clark Young, Sarah Marshall and Michael Tolaydo

The stark oversized paneled screen center stage serves as family home,  news monitor and window on the desert thanks to subtle day-to-night lighting.

The stellar cast is led by veteran stage actress, Sarah Marshall, who, once again showcases an acting range that won her the Helen Hayes Award (for which she was nominated 17 times). Last fall, she dazzled in The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s The Government Inspector.

Following Tuesday night’s premiere, The Georgetown Dish had a chance to sit down with Marshall.

TGD: I understand your parents wanted you to be a teacher (or a nurse). I imagine they have long been proud of your amazing acting career ... But what was their reaction when you started teaching drama at Georgetown University? 

SM: Yes I think they wanted me to be a nurse and then I told them I would be a teacher but was majoring in Theater at college. I NEVER intended to teach. EVER EVER! And in fact I never took one course in education. But when I became a company member out at Round House Theater one of the requirements was teaching so I was thrown into a class and have been teaching ever since. Every teaching job I have had has sort of landed in my lap. I have taught at Duke Ellington, Studio Theater, Woolly Mammoth the Berkshire Theater Festival and at Georgetown U.  My parents were quite proud of me for  my acting and relieved that I ended up teaching. I like to say that Acting is my calling and Teaching is my fate. 

TGD: How has D.C. theater changed over the last 30 years?

SM: Grown and grown and exploded with new theaters over 30 years. DC has becoming a true theater town, second only to New York in the nation. I suppose I have matured along with the theater in DC! 

TGD: What role would you most like to play?

SM: There can't be one role.. there are so many. Lady McB. Mrs Lovett.  Martha.  Lady Bracknell. Lady Britomart. Queen Elizabeth. The Nurse in R and J. To say nothing of the MALE roles. Moddy, the character I am playing now was originally written for a man but was changed to a woman when I got the part. 

TGD:  How would you compare the Davis Center for the Arts acting experience to other local theaters? 

SM: The Davis Center  has two theaters, The Gonda and The Devine. I love them both. I think The Devine is one of my favorite spaces to perform in. BOGED is being performed in the Gonda Theater. It is a tricky space. It seems small and intimate but is actually rather grand in some ways. The stadium seating is challenging. I am forever reminded to keep my head up! And filling the space takes a good deal of energy. It is a beautiful theater really and very live but demands a certain energy and presence to fill. 

TGD: What have you learned about life in the the Middle East from the recent Theater J productions? 

SM: I so love working at Theater J for the community ....the lively community on 16th street filled with Children and Dancing and Food and great conversation and debate. I think the Middle East is such a great impossible topic really and these two shows can't even begin to touch the vastness of the topic. But with Apples it was all about intimacy and tradition and true faith  and  family Boged seems to be about hope and the younger generation showing us the way to make a new world. Actually both do that. They are really universal these plays and could be about life anywhere. 

TGD:  What do you like to do for fun?

SM: You don't want to know. Just kidding! I like to go to the country and bike and hike and star gaze. I am a great lover of nature and being outdoors. I like to eat out with friends and family. I like to play guitar and make fused glass objects. And ... oh dear ... I like to shoot sporting clays. I love shooting actually. I am a life long vegetarian, and I would not ever hunt, but those little orange discs ... There is nothing more satisfying than hitting your mark! 


Part of  theater J’s “Voices from a Changing Middle East Festival,” Boged is a traveling production directed by Joseph Megel. Originally produced by the Beersheva Theatre, it’s being presented in partnership with Georgetown University, in association with StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance.

Through February 3 in the Gonda Theatre, Georgetown University. Visit Theater J for tickets.

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Kinkead's to Open at the Watergate

January 14, 2013

Looks like 600 New Hampshie Avenue, better known as Rivers at the Watergate is about to get a new chef, new name and new owner.

"We are all quite pleased about this!  It is a good move for everyone. Bob Kinkead is one of DC's most celebrated 'top chefs' and having him at the Watergate as the new owner, operator and top chef will ensure its place as a destination restaurant. I'm looking forward to patronizing it and look forward to his opening ..." Liz Sara of Rivers told The Georgetown Dish.

Kinkead's, the popular Foggy Bottom brasserie which recently closed, has signed a lease at 600 New Hampshire 'to open a new concept restaurant, according to the Washington Business Journal.

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