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My Taste of Georgetown

August 21, 2019

Best barista and bagettes at Boulangerie Christophe

Clyde's for brunch and burgers and my all-time favorite crab tower

Crab Tower (Photo by: Clydes of Georgetown) Crab Tower

Leopold's Kafe anytime. Nothing like their Rostbraten vom Angusrind and Esterhazy.

Leopold's Kafe (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Leopold's Kafe

Authentic French bistro Chez Billy Sud and Bar à Vin next door. Always get the smoked blue fish rilletes and have a tough time resisting Paris-Brest. 

Lamb shank daube, golden heirloom turnips, green lentils. (Photo by: Chez Billy Sud) Lamb shank daube, golden heirloom turnips, green lentils.

Fiola Mare for Mediterranean-style dining on the Potomac. Always dazzling and delicious.

(Photo by: Fiola Mare)



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The Earthly Delights of Tanya Marcuse

August 18, 2019

Thank you, George Hemphill for introducing me to Tanya Marcuse.


Fruitless No. 127 54 (Photo by: Tanya Marcuse) Fruitless No. 127 54" x 44" 2006

A zillion photographic images flash across my computer screen every single day from professionals and friends alike. Not since Edward Weston’s iconic embracing peppers and the gelatin silver onions of Bonnieux-based Denis Brihat have the overripe, the sun-kissed and the desiccated been so exquisitely rendered.


Marcuse celebrates the natural world’s cycles of life with carefully arranged large-scale compositions reminiscent of medieval tapestries and the canvases of Hieronymus Bosch.


“Fueled by the Biblical narrative of the fall from Eden," the photographer explains, "these related projects use increasingly fantastical imagery and more elaborate methods of construction to explore cycles of growth and decay and the dynamic tension between the passage of time and the photographic medium.” 

Fallen No. 89 36 (Photo by: Tanya Marcuse) Fallen No. 89 36" x 44" 2010

In 2005, this Yale graduate started Fruitless | Fallen | Woven, a project that was turned into a three-volume recently published book.


In the introductory essay, novelist Francine Prose uses words as artfully as Marcuse uses fallen apples, “Even as they seem fresh and new, these images remind us of landscapes we recognize —perhaps from a dream or a fairy tale we remember from childhood. I’m reminded of how, as a little girl, I’d stare at my illustrated Hans Christian Anderson, convinced that, if I looked hard enough, I could step into the jewel-like scenes. In that same way, we’re drawn to the images Tanya Marcuse has created. The dark paradises that bloom in the eye of her camera are as volatile and vivid as any garden of earthly delights.”


Tanya Marcuses' Woven photographs are currently on display at the George Eastman Museum.

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The Spirit of the Red Wagon is Alive and Well at Christ Child Opportunity Shop

August 13, 2019

In 1885, a little boy named Paul wanted a red wagon for Christmas but his father had recently lost his job. Mary Virginia Merrick stepped in to make his dream come true with a gift tag “from the Christ Child.” With that, the first woman-owned non-profit in Washington, D.C. was born.

(Photo by: Judith Beermann)

For the past 86 years, the spirit of the red wagon has been operating out of a donated building at 1427 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. 


Christ Child Opportunity Shop is a high-end consignment store that markets and sells antiques, fine jewelry, sterling silver, crystal, chandeliers, Asian collectibles, designer clothing, and accessories. 

Pair of green velvet upholstered armchairs (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Pair of green velvet upholstered armchairs

All proceeds support the Washington, D.C. Chapter of The Christ Child Society, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of children.

Antique Louis Vuitton trunk (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Antique Louis Vuitton trunk

Over the decades, the shop has seen more than its fair share of famous consigners and shoppers. Senator's wife, Jackie Kennedy brought items in to consign when she lived in the neighborhood. Antiques lover, Harrison Ford stops in when he’s in town. Laura Bush, Sharon Stone, Kitty Kelley, Nate Berkus, Norah O’ Donnell have all been in.

(Photo by: Judith Beermann)

Armed with over 30 years experience managing non-profits and museum shops, Chris DerDerian has been the store's director since 2016. On a rainy August morning, together with shop manager Kelly Gotthardt, The Georgetown Dish was given a tour of two floors chock full of treasures. 

Wedgwood Florentine with Turquoise china (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Wedgwood Florentine with Turquoise china

Thanks to a charming pro bono design by a graphic designer at The National Archives, they've got a new logo too.

(Photo by: Judith Beermann)

Looking for an antique Louis Vuitton trunk, an Hermes writing desk or service for 12 of Wedgwood Florentine?  How about a pair of newly upholstered green velvet armchairs? 

Hermes writing desk (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Hermes writing desk

Georgetown author and long-time volunteer, Cathy Alter loves to shop there for herself. “I found an 18 carat gold ring from Tiffany once. Those Victorians had a utensil for everything. I buy silver as housewarming or hostess gifts. They’re really special without being overpriced. And seriously, what do you give a person who has everything? A lemon fork, of course.”

Scott Charney at the jewelry counter (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Scott Charney at the jewelry counter

For more information about The Christ Child Society and its mission, visit their website

Store manager Kelly Gotthardt (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Store manager Kelly Gotthardt

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