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Judy, Judy, Judy

May 19, 2020

Not quite as enchanting as Cary Grant murmuring to Rita Hayworth in Only Angels Have Wings but finally a product named after me!

An emergency, survival, quarantine-approved one ta boot. Minimal. So very cute even.  It's all of those things and more, which is why I am the proud owner of THE MOVER.

(Photo by: ) "Only Angels Have Wings"

But the spell was broken when I learned how Simon Huck, co-founder and CEO of JUDY came up with the name. “We needed a name that you will never forget,” Huck explains of the company’s development, which took over six months. “We surveyed hundreds of people, and everyone felt like they had a Judy in their life: someone who was a dependable, type-A parent figure.”

THE MOVER (Photo by: get.readyjudy.com) THE MOVER

Judy might feel like a strange name for a disaster prep kit, but Huck says they chose it because it reminded people on the team of a calming aunt or grandmother. (Judy was a popular baby name in the 1940s, so it’s largely associated with older women.) The name felt warm and comforting, almost maternal, like everything is going to be OK.  Oh, that’s really great.

(Photo by: get.readyjudy.com)

JUDY is a single-purchase solution that fits seamlessly into any home, a resource that Huck discovered his friends lacked after several of them had found themselves in frightening emergency situations like the California wildfires. Launched in January, pre-corona, it IS the perfect self-isolation partner.

(Photo by: get.readyjudy.com)

Each kit also connects digitally via the JUDY mobile app. 

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Parlez-Vous Français?

May 19, 2020

If you tried watching the brilliant French spy thriller series, Le Bureau des Légendes without subtitles (comme moi) and vowed to really learn French while baking all that bread during quarantine, voici votre grande chance!

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The DC International Languages and Cultural Institute is offering virtual French conversation courses, part of its continuing education curriculum.


The course runs for 12 weeks.

Payment for each class is $15 per person per hour. 


When you purchase a ticket, you will be emailed the event ID and password.


With advance payment, students can 'bring' friends and pay $20 for 2 persons per hour.

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Hair Today

April 22, 2020

Baci (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Baci

To all the sylists out there who have felt underappreciated until now, WE REALLY MISS YOU!

Eight weeks and counting, the longest I've gone without touching up the grey. 

I'm wearing those four inches like a badge of honor. Proof that I haven't sneaked into my salon in the middle of the night.

Talented and thoughtful Franco Murat has offered to send me my color, free of charge to do it myself.

Having seen friends and celebrities try this route, I'm going to wait until I get a proper haircut and color again at Salon Macomb. In the meantime, I'm blending in well with Baci.

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