A La Carte

Bob's Your Uncle

January 1, 2020

After putting on the kettle for a cuppa every 10 minutes, and getting blotto at the pub every evening, gobsmacked, I did it!


Of course, I am a bit knackered after streaming Acorn TV (with sub-titles) for a fortnight straight, but feeling proper chuffed. Brilliant!


Now when I go over, I won’t be a grockel anymore. 


I do hope if I order champagne instead of soldiers at elevenses I won’t be too much of a pillock. 


A chockablock day of motoring will get me clapped-out, but after a lie-down, I’ll be right as rain. 


Ta to the British for their wizardry with the written word, and magic with mysteries!


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Look What's Up in 2020!

December 30, 2019

2020 will be a banner year for skywatchersCount em’: six eclipses, four super moons and one great solstice appulse! That last celestial happening is when Saturn and Jupiter appear to be adjacent right at sunset during the winter eclipse.


Great balls of fire disappearing, reappearing. Catherine de Medici's court painter, Antoine Caron captured the mysterious phenomenon on canvas in sixteenth-century France.


We've come a long way since modern research into solar eclipses began in the mid 1800s, especially when it comes to guidelines on how to safely view them.

(Photo by: aas.org)

Read more here and mark your calendars!

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A Mid-Century Modern Girl

December 20, 2019

1959 Barbie (Photo by: wikipedia.com) 1959 Barbie

When I was 17, I wanted to live in Paris, smoke Gauloises, wear only my black turtleneck and tight jeans, and have a series of erotic adventures along the Cote d’Azur. After all, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda were having a great time in St. Tropez. Gidget was busy California surfing but that wasn't sexy enough for my adolescent dreams.


I still want those things. Ok, scratch the cigs. After all, at six, I was introduced to Barbie.  The Original Barbie. The one with the ponytail in a zebra swimsuit and big sunglasses. She wore fur, open-backed high heels, and had separate complete wardrobes for a Roman holiday and winter skiing. I was busy knitting her cardigans and wondering how she kept those shoes on.

I finished high school early with no plans, no ambition except to paint, take photos and live a most bohemian sunny life. In those days, I read a lot, watched Liv Ullman being depressed in every Ingmar Bergman film and pretended to like Fellini.

Not quite en pointe (Photo by: ) Not quite en pointe


Like most suburban kids with 'no direction home,' I traveled around Europe for awhile looking for adventure. Too neat to be a bonafide hippie but I could carry off pretensions of an intellectual sipping wine at The Café de Flores. At least I thought so then.


Tiffany charm bracelet (Photo by: ) Tiffany charm bracelet

A product of the 1950’s, my parents introduced me to the arts, nature, literature, traveling, history, German automobiles, Danish modern furniture and ballet. Too chubby and lazy for dance, but it was a great way to know my body at a young age. 


My inspirations were Bob Dylan, Jackie Kennedy, Chopin, Hundertwasser and Corbusier. I loved buildings, I loved designers. Still do.


Look at the period between 5 and 25 of anyone's life and I bet whatever they were exposed to then still stirs them, still evokes nostalgia.


I suppose that’s why I’ve dug out my Tiffany charm bracelet. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So Manhattan, so Audrey Hepburn Euro chic. I call it retail regression therapy.

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