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Palm Beach Political Consultants Launch Firm Near Winter White House

March 12, 2017

Long-time Washington-area political consultant Daryl Glenney, a Georgetown University alumna, has launched a new firm in Palm Beach, Fla.,  to encourage more women to run for – and win – public office. Her partners are former West Palm Beach Mayor Nancy Graham and Palm Beacher Carla Cove.

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Nancy Graham (Photo by: Winning Women Florida) Former West Palm Beach Mayor Nancy Graham

Winning Women Florida, headquartered just a stone’s throw away from the Winter White House in Palm Beach, plans to recruit women for a series of nonpartisan workshops that will equip them to play a variety of roles in the political process.

Glenney has been a political consultant since 1974, handling more than 400 campaigns in 17 states and working with political parties in several countries.  She has designed and conducted political advocacy training for women in the U.S. and Canada, and in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

“Many municipalities have a history of electing women,” says Glenney.  “But that’s not the case across Florida or in most parts of the country. Only 25% of Florida representatives and 30% of State senators are women.  Even fewer women get to Congress, where 19% of House seats and 21% of Senate seats are held by women. If we can help even a few women take the first step toward Town Hall, Tallahassee or Washington, that’s a win for all of us.”

The Winning Women Florida team also includes Palm Beacher Carla Cove, a former wealth management professional who has been active in local politics. She notes that Winning Women Florida workshops will teach not only campaigning skills, but how to make critical decisions once in office.  “Just getting women into office isn’t enough,” says Cove. “We want to make sure that women appreciate that they are stewards of taxpayer dollars. Studies indicate that even well-educated women are not confident that they are prepared to make these kinds of financial decisions.”

Carla Cove (Photo by: Winning Women Florida) Carla Cove

Nancy Graham, the third team member, is a former Mayor of West Palm Beach who, as she says, has walked in the shoes of both a candidate and an officeholder.  She warns, “Sometimes, in being sensitive to community needs, we fall into the trap of trying to make everyone happy. Yes, you have to listen – and really hear – what constituents are saying. But then you have to weigh what people want against the reality of what is actually possible. That’s hard to decide, and can be even harder to explain to constituents.”

In addition to their training programs, Glenney, Cove and Graham will continue to work together as consultants to political campaigns for both men and women candidates.  Contact: Winning Women Florida, 561.868.8835.



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Listen Up, Mr. President

March 8, 2017

Mere moments after Rudy Giuliani spoke at the Cybersecurity Conference at the Google headquarters conference room in DC on Tuesday, the media lit up with no-fake news that WikiLeaks purportedly revealed a trove of CIA documents.

No conspiracy theory here.  Just the facts.

Giuliani is an informal security advisor to the White House.  He is chair of cybersecurity, privacy and crisis management practice at Greenberg Trauig LLP.

As keynote speaker, Giuliani gave tips to some 350+ diplomats, foreign embassy staff, USA officials and corporate investors at the Cybersecurity Conference, sponsored by four countries, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

The Trump supporter also had a bit of advice for the President: ratchet up cybersecurity in government. Security intrusions, he said, is a “looming problem” 

Overall, the former New York City mayor gave this counsel and suggestions to the packed conference:

-- There never is 100 percent security. What is called the “Black Web” is where most cybercrime lurks.

-- All corporations and professional users of the internet should not totally depend on their in-house security folks.  He recommended that a couple of times a year, they should bring in outside security experts  --  a cyber doctor -- to test their systems and make them free of intrusions.  He compared this to a human who gets a medical checkup annually.

He advised that all personnel in a business, government and foreign entities should have thorough identification protection

“You don’t need to hack me” personally to breach my security network, said Giuliani.  Often, hackers start lower in the pyramid – such as secretaries -- then work their way up to get what and where they want.

Giuliani warily beckoned the group to “try to make a guess” what will happen five years from now in the rapidly changing realm of cyber-ism.  He shook his head and  indicated that nobody knows right now.

The one-day cybersecurity conference was sponsored by The Visegrad Four Countries, which jointly promote their businesses. 

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Torschlusspanik Hymnal

January 29, 2017

Jeb Bush (left) and son George P. Bush (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Jeb Bush (left) and son George P. Bush

Three tenors of foreign policy -- former Sen. Sam Nunn, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates – sang from the same hymnal about America’s dealings with Russia at the pre-Alfalfa luncheon Saturday: those sanctions aren’t working well and this nation should get busy restoring its status around the world.

"The 3 Tenors of Foreign Policy” luncheon at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ headquarters drew 350 from the centers of power in D.C. and elsewhere from across the nation.  It was a prelude to the Alfalfa Club Dinner that night.

Kissinger and Former Sen. Al Simpson and wife Ann Simpson (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Kissinger and Former Sen. Al Simpson and wife Ann Simpson

Perhaps the collective foreign policy sentiment could be summed up in one marvelous German word:


Rough translation: Hurry up, get in, before the doors close.

Most of the remarks centered on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“…he is kind of a bully who will keep moving ‘til somebody stops him,” said Gates.  “Over the last few years,” Gates went on to say, “we have put ourselves on the backburner” in the Middle East compared to the actions of Russia, Iran and Turkey.  Make no mistake, he said, “The Russians are here for the long term.”

Sam Nunn (left),  and Walter and Didi Cutler (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Sam Nunn (left), and Walter and Didi Cutler

On sanctions, Gates said: “the problems with sanctions is they don’t work very well….as far as sanctions to try to get Russia out of the Crimea…forget it…we like sanctions in this city because they are easy.”

Nunn described what is happening between the USA and Russia as “a dangerous situation….” and, to begin with in this new presidential era, “I would start with military communications.” Nunn, former Democratic senator from Georgia and CSIS chairman emeritus, testified at Senate hearings on behalf of Trump nominee Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State and for Gen. Jim Mattis as Secretary of Defense.

Robert Gates (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Robert Gates

Nunn also said the U.S. should be working economically to assist Ukraine.

Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a guest in the audience, was invited to address the gathering. He called Tillerson “uniquely qualified” to be Secretary of State because of his relationships worldwide and for his “insights.”

As far as the Crimea is concerned, Corker said, “That is over.”

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