Runaway Spoon

Couching on Capitol Hill

June 24, 2013

Neither an elephant nor a donkey was around to have a seat on this flashy sofa but, as intended, the PR gig did get some congressional derrieres.

Here’s the story line: This red and blue bipartisan Made In America sofa was parked at the U.S. Capitol to showcase a campaign effort designed to: (1) call attention to job losses on American soil, and, (2) close the divide, at least for a while, between political parties.

Barbara Hawthorn, chair, Advisory Council, Made in America Foundation (Photo by: Kevin Allen Photography) Barbara Hawthorn, chair, Advisory Council, Made in America Foundation

Members of all political persuasions were invited to sit on the sofa in a show of unity.

High-end furniture manufacturer Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, winner of the 2013 “Best” MADE: In America award, handcrafted the sofa.

“Our manufacturing facility is located in High Point, North Carolina, where many, many companies have had to shut down or give in to overseas manufacturing,” said Gregg Arrington, VP of Operations.

The Couch in Congress project was done in partnership with MADE: In America, a non-profit educational organization based in Washington, D.C.  Although there wasn’t a scramble to do so, a few members did pose on the sofa at the Rayburn Building foyer during the three hours it was displayed there last week.  No political deals were reached—but it was a sofa, not a love seat.

MADE: In America, chaired by James DeLorbe, aims to foster a business climate conducive to the free exchange of ideas and information for the purpose of revitalizing and sustaining the competitiveness of American commerce and industry in a global economy. 

MADE: In America is comprised of business leaders, public policy makers, educators and citizens dedicated to designing and articulating a new way to promote American enterprise.





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Real Points of Light: Rove, Brazile Dance; Legend Sings; Jarrett Reveals July Event

June 20, 2013

Just after Valerie Jarrett made a surprise announcement that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will host a special White House event in honor of the Points of Light awards in July, there was another surprise, this time a shocker: Karl Rove and Donna Brazile did a nonpartisan swing dance together on stage.

The scene was at the DC convention center where Points of Light held its 4-day Conference on Volunteering and Service attended by several thousand registrants.

Bill O'Reilly gets pithy (Photo by: Points of Light) Bill O'Reilly gets pithy
Also at the conference Friday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delved into the criticism heaped upon him from some quarters about the grateful way he greeted President Obama in the aftermath of  Hurricane Sandy last year shortly before the election.

"What do you expect me to do when the president showed up?  Do you want me to wear my Romney sweat shirt?" he said he told friends.

"When people come to help, no one asks if they are Democrats or Republicans," he said. But he acknowledged ..."there are some who will see politics in everything....I think people who engage in partisan politics in times like that don't understand why they were put in office in the first place," said Christie.

Was I supposed to wear my Romney sweatshirt? (Photo by: Points of Light) Was I supposed to wear my Romney sweatshirt?

"It never crossed my mind to act any other people were in crisis. When you see a 20-foot wave in front of you," there are no Republicans or Democrats.

Speaking from the stage on Wednesday, Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama, said the event at the White House will be held on Monday, July 15. The POL awards are presented to individuals who embody the spirit of helping others through voluntary service and commitment. The White House event will honor a POL winner, yet unnamed, who will be number 5,000 in the history of the organization.

In 1989 President George H.W. Bush’s inaugural address invoked the visions of a “thousand points of light” and invited the nation to take action through service to their fellow citizens. Points of Light, with Michelle Nunn as CEO, is now the world’s leading volunteer service organization.

To a person, Wednesday’s conference speakers gave remarks which underscored that regardless of political parties, people do come together to volunteer for the good of others. “Service unites the most unlikely pairs,” laughed Jarrett, referring to other conference speakers, Bill O’Reilly, host of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News and Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile.

 O’Reilly reiterated that when it comes to volunteerism, there is no red or blue divides  -- a term used to describe political affiliations. Among other endeavors, O’Reilly is involved with the Wounded Warrior Project, which assists men and women who have been injured in wars, and Fisher House Foundation which donates “comfort homes” to military families who must travel to get medical treatment.

John Legend at POL (Photo by: Points of Light) John Legend at POL

As if giving action to Jarrett’s words, Brazile and Karl Rove, senior advisor to President George W. Bush and a Fox News analyst, did an impromptu swing dance on stage before joining in a panel with Obama political strategist David Plouffe, who underscored that whether in politics or deeds of good will, volunteers like to be appreciated and thanked for their actions.

Neil Bush, chair of the Points of Light’s board of directors and son of George H.W. Bush, noted that all governments are being stretched thin, and so “as governments give less, we need to do more.”

He also amused the audience by relating an earlier encounter with a man he ran into at a conference hotel. 

“You look awfully like a Bush,” the man remarked.

I’ve heard that before,” Bush replied.

“Oh,” the man said: “That must really piss you off.”

On Thursday, singer John Legend entertained conference goers at a supper.

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A Heartfelt Event at Georgetown Boutique

June 16, 2013

Rochelle Lipstick (left), Amanda Deaver & STS executive director Susan Gurley chat (Photo by: James Brantley) Rochelle Lipstick (left), Amanda Deaver & STS executive director Susan Gurley chat

Alex and Ani hosted a Charmed by Charity fundraiser at its Georgetown location last Wednesday for Sister to Sister, The Women’s Heart Health Foundation.

Alex and Ani, a jewelry store at 3068 M Street NW, offers eco-friendly, positive energy products. Fifteen percent of sales was donated to Sister to Sister to help in its mission of empowering women to prevent heart disease, their #1 health threat.  

Two shoppers explore the jewelry (Photo by: James Brantley) Two shoppers explore the jewelry

Sister to Sister was founded by philanthropist Mrs. Irene Pollin, widow of Washington sports team owner Abe Pollin. They had two children born with severe heart defects that eventually took their lives.

"I am pleased to see such a great turnout in support of Sister to Sister," Mrs. Pollin said at the event, which drew more than 80 women who came to shop and support the organization.

Nurse practitioner Sara Duke provided blood pressure tests, along with information on how to manage one’s blood pressure and heart health through simple lifestyle modifications.   Alex and Ani supplied refreshments, including their (+) Energy Punch.

Let's buy these! (Photo by: James Brantley) Let's buy these!

Alex and Ani’s designer, Carolyn Rafaelian, works to support communities and organizations while inspiring her customers to find what is unique and beautiful about themselves.

Each attendee received a giveaway bag that included information from local businesses centered on heart health as well as generous donations from Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil and Secolari Artisan Oils and Vinegars.

On Thursday, John Hopkins University announced that Mrs. Pollin has donated $10 million to a university center for the prevention of heart disease. She also has donated to other institutions and hospitals dedicated to preventing and treating heart conditions.

For more information on how you can make heart healthy choices and reduce your risk for heart disease, visit Sister to Sister.   



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