Hollywood on the Potomac

Chefs for Equality

October 27, 2019

The Human Rights Campaign approached me in 2012 to put on a fundraiser to raise money for the marriage equality act that was on the ballot in Maryland and I was too happy to do that,” David Hagedorn told Hollywood on the Potomac at the HRC Foundation 8th Annual Chefs for Equality Gala held this year in grand style at The Washington National Cathedral and themed ‘Stirred, Not Shaken.’ “I don’t think that my idea was quite what they had in mind –  thinking on such a grand scale. They were a little dubious maybe, but we pulled it off that first year in like a month and a half. We put that together at the Ritz Carlton and now it’s grown and grown.”

“We knew back then not to call it Chefs for Marriage Equality. I knew we would achieve marriage equality, but I also knew the backlash would be very severe.  I never really imagined back then exactly where we would be now and how threatened our community would be in this current political climate. We’re really in for the fight of our lives. We just had a Supreme Court case two weeks ago today where our government was defending making it all right to discriminate against LGBTQ people in the workforce. You know, that is our very security that threatens our very livelihood, our very existence. And so that’s why our theme this year is ‘Stirred, not Shaken’ because we’re used to having the rug pulled out from under us.”

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Full Court Press

October 21, 2019

Veteran news anchor Greta Van Susteren wasn’t the only star in the room at a launch party in her honor for Full Court Press in Washington, DC hosted by Hilton Howell, CEO of Gray Television. It’s hard to compete with 107 year old Roberta McCain, widow of Admiral John S. McCain Jr. and mother of late Senator John S. McCain (R-AZ) who arrived to celebrate the occasion with son Joe McCain.

“This is the red letter day for our company,” said Howell, “and for what I view as responsible and consistent and professional journalism because we’re gathering here today to recognize the 5th Anniversary of our Washington, DC Bureau which all of you know has been a pioneering effort here at Gray Television. That then led us into the opportunity to launch Full Court Press and so one lucky moment has led to another lucky moment and that brings us all here today.”

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Tech-in-Gov Salon

October 15, 2019

"One of the most famous tenants staying here was the 27th vice president of the United States James Sherman working alongside with the US president William Howard Taft at the beginning of the last century,"said H.E. Erzhan Kazykhanov, The Ambassador of Kazakhstan, while opening an evening of Tech-in-G0v Salon “Connecting the Unconnected”  at the residence co-hosted by Kathy Kemper, CEO and Founder of the Institute For Education.

“We are delighted to host distinguished speakers and guests for a timely discussion on the connected and the unconnected. The internet and technology revolutionized our world enabling social economic change, internet connectivity’s basic human rights and essential elements of sustainable development goals as it was mentioned by the Secretary General in his speech at the United Nations. Some say that the digital era is turning machines into people. I think that machines cannot replace people but can become partners. Technologists are not about leaving people unemployed but enabling people to do more valuable and important things. My country ranked number 39 in the UN countries for its government development in this. My country is playing a major role in promoting global internet connectivity and we draw from the best experience of our partners around the world.”

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