Hollywood on the Potomac

'Madam Secretary'

September 22, 2014

“I’m on the inherited staff from the prior Secretary of State,” Sebastian Arcelus told Hollywood on the Potomac at the premiere screening of CBS’ MADAM SECRETARY event at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington DC.

“I play Jay Whitman, her senior policy advisor who’s a bit of a hot head, a little direct. He’s a smart, very forward thinker, but he’s a bit results oriented. There’s a bit of a rub between her inherited staff and herself but they grow to really have an appreciation for each other. They think the same, they have the same intentions, but they also think a little different.”

“It’s very interesting to flip the script and join the stage department and get to be a part of this amazing piece with this remarkable group of actors and storytellers and taking on world events in a very realistically fictional way,” he added.  “It’s really ambitious in the best way. We’re dealing with some major issues and not doing so in a political way but in a new exciting and human way.”

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Sec. Hagel at Villa Firenze

September 18, 2014

The International Student House of Washington, DC helps create outstanding international citizens by giving them the opportunity to live, study and work together,” said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at a Tribute Dinner hosted at the residence of The Ambassador of Italy and Mrs. Bisogniero, “creating friendships and bonds that span the globe.

These young scholars and students grow in international understanding and develop a capacity for making a better world for all of us.”  The Bisognieros are the Diplomatic Chairs of the 2014 Global Leadership Awards Program, the Hagels are Honorary Chairs.

“We are pleased to welcome you tonight,” said Grace Tompkins, ISH Board President, “and to thank our Diplomatic Chairs and Hosts Ambassador and Mrs. Claudio Bisogniero for opening their lovely residence for this Tribute Dinner honoring this year’s awardees and generous supporters.

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Sneaker Ball XI

September 11, 2014

"I’m wearing Ruthie Davis shoes,” said guest Harriet Fowler – one out of 400 attending the SneakerBall XI at The National Building Museum.  “They’re phenomenal.  She’s actually my mom’s cousin.  They’re very high, very comfortable and perfect. I had to wear them!”

SneakerBall is the only black tie and sneakers gala that annually celebrates the best of sports in the Greater Washington, DC region, “organized to recognize and benefit the Greater Washington Sports Alliance Foundation, the non-profit foundation of the Sports Alliance that uses the philanthropic generosity of individual and corporate donors to make strategic investments in emerging non-profits that use sports to enhance children’s lives,” according to their mission statement.

This year the honorees were Sheila Johnson with the Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Community Impact Award; Washington Redskin London Fletcher into the Hall of Champions and Katie Ledecky with the DC Sportsperson of the Year Award.

“This is truly an honor,” said Johnson.  “As I look around the room, I can’t help but notice what remarkable accomplishments this event has achieved. On behalf of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, I am humbled and thankful for this recognition, especially since named after a local hero – Joe Robert.”


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