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Martin's Tavern

February 8, 2018

“My grandfather was a very stocky, good looking Irishman with blond hair and I was told at one point that when they were bringing a caravan of whiskey down from up north, there was a scene almost out of Elliott Ness, if you will. The convoy was stopped in the dark of night, a line of headlights went on, stopped the caravan, a voice told everybody to get out of the cars that were bringing the caravan down and had them all line up out front of the headlights. A voice did holler out at that time and said, ‘The stocky guy with the blond hair, you stand over to the side.’ With that, everybody else lost their life. They took these tommy guns and they shot everybody and confiscated and/or stole the whiskey but let my grandfather go. A lot of people asked why do you think or ‘Why was your grandfather spared?’  I think it probably was because Sam Rayburn was one of his best friends and he was very good friends with Lyndon Johnson. I think that just with his connections, to keep from getting any backlash, they let my grandfather go.”  Excerpted from a one on one interview with Billy Martin by Hollywood on the Potomac.  And so began Billy Martin’s Tavern.

Located in the heart of Georgetown at the corner of Wisconsin and N Street in DC, Billy says: “Martin’s Tavern has been here for 85 years continuously: The same family, the same location, same corner.  What more could we ask for? Martin’s is one of the few Washington, D.C. establishments at the heart of the city since the Great Depression. This is the best party in the city. We like it in February because nobody has anything to do. So what are we doing tonight? This is the customer and employee appreciation party in February, the coldest week ever.  Free food, free drinks.”  And, the staff was off for the night to mingle with their customers.

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Dynamic Duo

February 7, 2018

C plus C equals Curtis & Cosby, the new dynamic duo coming to 77 WABC on February 6th weekdays from 12-3 PM.  Collectively they have been called charismatic, controversial, legends, iconic, feisty, spirited, award winning – and both share a Polish heritage.


Hollywood on the Potomac received 77 WABC radio’s announcement last night: “The powerhouse pairing of quintessential New York host Curtis Sliwa and acclaimed Emmy-winning journalist Rita Cosby is the dynamic new talk show Curtis + Cosby. The Curtis + Cosby show brings together two renowned New York natives and experienced broadcasters for the first time: Curtis Sliwa, the iconic founder of the Guardian Angels and Rita Cosby, the award-winning TV/Radio host and best-selling author. Sliwa enters his fourth year hosting Middays on 77 WABC. Cosby continues as 77 WABC Political Editor, expanding upon her role since 2014 hosting the Gracie Award-winning Election Central and The Rita Cosby Show.


Chad Lopez, Vice President/Market Manager, Cumulus Media-New York, said, “Curtis and Rita are larger than life personalities and exceptional hosts who really understand what makes New York tick. Our listeners, our advertisers, and our staff are excited about the show.” Craig Schwalb, WABC Program Director, said, “This is basically a New York dream team. Two veteran New York broadcasters and celebrated New York personalities that our listeners simply adore. It’s an incredible combination.”

Rita Cosby, WABC Host and Political Editor, said, “I am thrilled to co-host the brand new ‘Curtis + Cosby’ show with my longtime friend, radio superstar Curtis Sliwa. With such an unprecedented barrage of endless news topics, now is the perfect time for us to join forces and engage our listeners in a way you will hear nowhere else.”

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'Hillbilly Elegy'

February 1, 2018

“Our goal is to serve the American people in ways that lead to a positive and achievable outcome – a strong civil society, healthy communities, civil discourse, freedom of the press and a commitment to lifelong learning beginning with our youngest citizens. The power of public media is that it is owned by the American people … all of them,” CEO of  Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Pat Harrison told an enthusiastic audience at a dinner honoring best-selling author J.D. Vance at The Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Washington. “We tell and listen to the stories of their lives and in sharing these diverse stories, we hope to build at least a thread of mutual respect and understanding – key elements of a strong civil society. So whether you call it content that counts or content that matters, it is what defines public from all other media, provided free of charge and commercial free.”


“Today our mission is more vital than ever. Although technology has the ability to connect us across oceans and borders, we seem to be more disconnected from one another, with the gap between race and education, economic class, agenda and geography getting wider,” Harrison added.  “So how does public media, America’s storyteller address that gap? What stories are we choosing to tell? And as that story keeps changing, shaped by new voices, raising new challenges and societal problems, how do we respond? Our keynote speaker, J.D. Vance, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, will talk to us about our country today, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, upper class and working class, and how we might just be able to tip the scales in favor of those young people with little hope, living on the margins, if we work together.”


Vance’s book is currently in production with Ron Howard‘s company Image Entertainment that he shares with Brian Grazer.

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