Hollywood on the Potomac

'Face to Face'

December 9, 2019

“Brian first came into our orbit five years ago and since then we are fortunate enough to connect our relationship through this incredible series called Genius. He’s been able to take people around the world with some iconic movies like A Beautiful Mind, Empire, 8 Mile, Arrested Development,” said Gary Knell, Chairman of National Geographic Partners when introducing Brian Grazer and Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief National Geographic Magazine in conversation on his new book Face to Face:The Art of Human Connection.

“Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer has been making movies and television programs for more than 25 years. As both a writer and producer, he has been personally nominated for four Academy Awards, and in 2002 won the Best Picture Oscar for A Beautiful Mind (2001). In addition to winning three other Academy Awards, “A Beautiful Mind” also won four Golden Globe Awards (including Best Motion Picture Drama) and earned Grazer the first annual Awareness Award from the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign.” IMDB

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The Future of Work 2.0

December 2, 2019

The future of work is one of the hottest topics in 2019 with conflicting information from various experts leaving plenty of room for debate around what impact automation technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will have on jobs, skills and wages. “I’m very happy to welcome you at Singapore,” said Ambassador Mirpuri. “This is the second time we’re hosting The Institute for Education this year.” 


Special guest Margaret Weichert, Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget discussed what these technologies are, how they will change work and what new research says we can expect. She was joined by the Ambassador of Singapore Ashok Mirpuri and the Ambassador of Estonia Jonatan Vseviov.

The evening included remarks by Dr. R. David Edelman, the Director of the Project on Technology, the Economy, and National Security at MIT and moderated by Nina Bianchi, Director of Workforce Solutions with the IT Modernization Centers of Excellence (COE), GSA.

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'The Warrior Queen of Jhansi'

November 28, 2019

A crowd of about 250 of Washington’s social set and cinephiles gathered at the gracefully sweeping US Institute of Peace for the DC premiere of The Warrior Queen of Jhansi. The film tells the true story of the legendary Rani of Jhansi, a feminist icon in India and a fearless freedom fighter. In 1857 India this 24-year old General led her people into battle against the British Empire earning the reputation as the Joan of Arc of the East. Her insurrection shifted the balance of power in the region and set in motion the demise of the notorious British East India Company and the beginning of the British Raj under Queen Victoria.

Following the screening, the mother-daughter duo of Swati and Devika Bhise – director and lead actress of the film respectively (in addition to sharing the screen-writing credit), sat down with author and journalist Jay Newton-Small for a question and answer session. In hearing them discuss their motivation in making the film, it became clear what a remarkable character the Rani was, as educated as she was fearless. “In 1857, she stood up against men in a male-dominated world and was respected,” said Swati. “She must’ve known it was suicidal to take on the whole British army and the Empire, but she did what she had to do for her people, her beliefs and her principles. She lit the torch that gave India its freedom and democracy 90 years later.”

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