Hollywood on the Potomac

Own Your Wonder

March 22, 2018

Written by guest contributor Victoria Michael

“I always thought there’s a hair or nail salon on every corner, why not makeup? Why aren’t pro-makeup artists easily accessible outside of a mall?” said Kristina Han, Own Your Wonder Founder and CEO. “It was exactly the service I wanted for myself—gym, shower, makeup, then straight to work.”

The Harvard-educated lawyer and former Olympic swimmer couldn’t let it go. After meeting another mom at her daughter’s elementary school and posing the “Why isn’t there a Drybar for makeup?” question, the two began to collaborate. Own Your Wonder at 1659 Wisconsin, NW in Georgetown celebrated their Grand Opening with a small reception offering guests complimentary mini makeovers and plenty of Whispering Angel Rose. Own Your Wonder, the first makeup bar in DC offers à la carte makeup application services and monthly membership programs that fit with a client’s personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

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'12 Strong'

March 20, 2018

If you have acrophobia, 12 Strong is not the movie for you. The mountainous terrain scenes are not for the fainthearted. 12 Strong is the incredible story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11 who were sent to work with the mujahidin to fight the Taliban.  The Atlantic Council and the Motion Picture Association of America held a private screening at The National Archives with introductions by Frederick Kempe, President and CEO Atlantic Council and Ambassador Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO Motion Picture Association of America. Kempe calls it “a powerful movie about an issue that still is at the center of our plates.”  “The heroes in this film are, in many ways, the living embodiment of some of the nation’s founding documents that are housed in this very building. And telling these stories is a part of the mission of the film and television industry and is part of the mission of the Motion Pictures Association,” said Rivkin. “Movies inspire us. They’re often a gateway to understanding complex events that often shape history. They foster important conversations and they tell stories of people who were part of our country’s challenging, but also inspirational moments. They help us understand the meaning of service, of sacrifice and of heroism. 12 Strong is an incredible example of that and I’m really thrilled that we can show it in this form.“

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Acta Non Verba

March 15, 2018

“I think that the typical image of a veteran is not me,” Navy Veteran Kelly D. Carlisle told a totally engaged audience at Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Public Media and Lidia Bastianich Celebrate Homegrown Heroes luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C.  “You know there’s not a whole lot of veterans that look like this and I think one of the things that CPB does well is show how representation matters – the fact that I’m a veteran, the fact that I’m black, the fact that I’m a woman, the fact that I work in a low income part of the country – all of that matters.” Kelly is the Founder & Executive Director of Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project. What does Acta Non Verba mean? “Deeds not Words:” It’s Latin and it’s actually the words of the Merchant Marines. 

Kelly’s story: When she came back from the military she had a few corporate jobs in the city but got laid off several times and ended up in a plant nursery.  When she came across a little tree that had an enormous lemon on it she thought somebody had vandalized the tree so she tried to get the lemon off and realized it was attached.  “So I bought the tree and I bought a garbage can and a whole bunch of compost and planted it and dared the tree to give me another lemon. And then, I was in love. It was like everything in Harry Potter all in this one plant: Splarius.” Now she has a four acre farm near the Oakland Coliseum that’s run by kids age five to thirteen. They plan, plant, harvest and sell the produce that they grow and 100% of those dollars are placed into individual savings account for their futures. She is an avid gardener whose work has been honored at the White House By President Barack Obama. 

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