Hollywood on the Potomac


May 13, 2019

“I’m sure many of you know, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate, that The Creative Coalition educates, activates and mobilizes its members on issues of public importance,” CEO Robin Bronk told a star-studded audience at their Annual Gala at The Intercontinental Hotel located at Washington, DC’s wharf. “We are able to do this through friends like you and especially through corporate citizens, like our partner Optune who is here tonight.”

“We’re a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded by prominent members of the arts and entertainment community who believe it is our responsibility to use our voice to educate and inspire our audiences to mobilize around issues of public importance, primarily the arts. It’s our mission to promote, protect and defend the arts as a basic human need.  So today we did some old-fashioned advocacy. We went door to door on Capitol Hill making sure that your kids, the future generations and communities, will have arts in the schools and arts in public funding.”

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Washington Women in Journalism

April 29, 2019

"Just one anecdote which may say a lot," said MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell at the 6th Annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards at Anderson House in Washington, DC co-hosted by Gloria Dittus, Chairman Story Partners and Washingtonian President and CEO Cathy Merrill Williams kicking off The White House Correspondents' Association dinner weekend festivities. "Forty years ago when I was NBC's energy correspondent covering nuclear power, The Three Mile Island happened. I was assigned to go to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on East-West Highway which was conisdered a safe place for me to report. The bureau chief, a man I ,oved and admired to this day. kept sending, rotating men into Pennsylvania to cover the accident when we didn't know much radiation was actually being released. And every day, every 24 hours another man, male correspondent would go in. And finally by the end of the week I marched into his office and said: 'I'm the energy correspndent. I cover nuclear power. I'm the only one who has not been assigned.' And he said: 'I didn't want to send any women of childbearing age when we didn't know what the radiation was going to be.' And I said: 'Did it ever occur to you that men's balls are as vulnerable as women's ovaries?' He sent me the next day and I basicall stayed for a year.'

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'À Bientôt'

April 23, 2019

Friends of Ambassador Gérard Araud and Pascal Blondeau received a goodbye note shortly after their farewell reception in the presence of His Excellency Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs at the residence: “Thank you deeply for your friendship and support over the years.” The dynamic duo who have dominated the social scene in Washington since 2015 landed in New York City after they left their official diplomatic post on April 19th.

“It is with regret to see you go, but we are also certain that you have not finished surprising us,” said the Minister who went on to outline his career and accomplishments. Those included his contributions to diplomatic history to his current endeavor of fulfilling a memoir to be published in the Fall. “Your playful spirit delights us on both sides of the Atlantic. You have all the marks of a man of humor and wit  that are very often thought provoking or even contrarian. We often have in mind that you practice Tweets as a political art form, that is complimented by other memes. In this city, I am told that, you are not the only one to have discovered this art form. You are both an intellectual and a man of action. You have played a key role in certain decisive episodes of our recent diplomatic history, and you might tell us later what was pushing you along, goading you. Maybe it was your love of travel. Maybe it was the call of the sea that one always feels as one grows up, as was your case in Marseilles on the shores of the Mediterranean.  You were sent to Tel Aviv where you were to go back 20 years later as an Ambassador. This knowledge of the Middle East led you then from the center of analyses and forecasting of our ministry to our Embassy in Washington. Dear Gérard Araud, due to your exceptional career and your commitment, your life in the service of France, I wanted to express my esteem and express our gratitude, mine and the gratitude of our President who is aware of this meeting tonight. I also wanted to tip my hat to Pascal, who has been your partner for a quarter of a century. Your friends know that he is often your compass, and that the differences between you enrich you both.”

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