Hollywood on the Potomac

First Lady Laura Bush

October 16, 2018

Former Representative Tom McMillen is not on the Board of The National Archives, but as a former member of Congress he works along side of them on different programs and exhibits. “We have a lot of different symposiums on a whole host of subjects on elections and all that kind of stuff and we work pretty closely together,” he told Hollywood on the Potomac at The National Archives Foundation Gala that honored former First Lady Laura Bush as the 2018 recipient of its Records of Achievement Award in recognition of her commitment to building a literate and civically engaged global community.

Charles Thomas McMillen is a retired professional basketball player, Rhodes Scholar, and Democratic U.S. Congressman, who represented the 4th congressional district of Maryland from January 3, 1987 to January 3, 1993.  McMillen was also a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team that lost a controversial gold medal game to the Soviet Union. 


We asked him if there were some Olympics memorabilia at the Archives. “Yes, as a matter of fact they do. They asked me for some of my sports memorabilia. I don’t know, I’d have to really check into that because it’s been a while since they asked. They were also curious about memorabilia from former members of congress who had a sports career, so more relational to working as a member of congress in the government service as opposed to the Olympics.”

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Tonight Everyone is Italian

October 15, 2018

“We’re proud of our heritage, it’s what me my enrgey,” said Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the US House of Representatives. “Pat Harrison always asks me when we see each other about once a week, ‘where do you get the energy?’ [I say] being Italian American. Pelosi was the guest of honor along with this year’s honorees at a private dinner at Cafe Milano in Georgetown, DC preceding the Annual Gal weekend now in its 43rd year.

“She previously served as the fifty-second house speaker, the only woman to do so, attaining the highest political office of any female politician in American history, said dinner co-chair Gabriel Battista. “She is the first woman, the first Californian, and the first Italian American to lead a major party. She’s also the mother of five children. She has eight grandchildren and somehow she manages to do it all and look spectacular.”

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'Free Solo'

October 7, 2018

By all accounts, according to National Geographic’s documentary Free Solo, Alex Honnold was a melancholy child, shy and with expectations toward perfection. Since the future is often formulated in childhood, we asked him about that at a private screening in Washington, DC. 

Was he striving for perfection because it was expected of him?  “I don’t think that, I mean I’m sure it all contributes,” he told Hollywood on the Potomac. “I don’t think it’s easy to put your finger on one thing like that because I think there’s a lot of things that the film maybe doesn’t go into as much which is just general climbing, culture and history. The fact that I grew up looking up to some of the people like Peter Crops, the fellow you see in the film who’s like a hero, is in my childhood. I think there was a lot of just history of free solo climbing that sort of drew me to it as well. It’s not just the whole psychological side with family and whatever – part of it is just that it’s fun. I just like it. It’s just cool. But the thing is that everybody … plenty of people just have drive in their life for whatever reason – wants to do well in something. It doesn’t need to be some dark childhood, it could also just be that you want to be good at what you do.”

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