Hollywood on the Potomac

Spoiler Alert

June 9, 2016

We don’t usually cover birthday parties, but if a famous political satirist shows up and gives an impromptu performance, you go with it.  Such was the case at a birthday party for journalist and author Myra MacPherson.  The satirist in question was Mark Russell, a comedian best known for his parody music which he performs while accompanying himself on piano.  Like all comedians, he is an equal opportunity offender, as they say.  We’re hoping this rendition on the presumptive nominees is not a spoiler for his upcoming performance at National Theatre on September 19th.


“While Russell’s humor is known for skewering Democrats and Republicans alike, his humorous tirades have also poked fun at third party, independent politicians and other prominent political (and sometimes non-political) figures.

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Music in the Night

June 6, 2016

“Pride Week is one big festival,” participant Joshua Morgan told Hollywood on the Potomac. “It happens all over the world but at different times; and this is D.C.’s.  I live in New York now, but for the six years that I was in DC Capital Pride grew and grew and grew and the events grew and the stars that were part of it grew and it’s just obviously a reflection of, I think, the changing of the world in terms of taking pride in our LGBTA community.” 


“When I lived in DC, I was the resident MC and piano bar host at Arena Stage. I’ve always done piano bars and little cabarets, but I do my own thing with them which is basically I just drink and tell inappropriate stories and sing songs.  This is the fifth year. I’m trying to think of who was it that brought me in. Someone just said, ‘Would you do kind of what you do’ five years ago for an event with Capital Pride. I said, ‘Sure, but here are my parameters. I can say whatever I want. I do whatever I want and I can pull in all the best people that I want to that represents a pretty diverse sense of our community, including some of the most amazing collegiate kids we have up to the biggest stars in DC and then bring in some name talent.’ The event just went so well and it grew that before you know it, Music in the Night became a marquee event of Capital Pride which is a week long celebration.”

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Who Needs The Fed

June 1, 2016

If John Tamny had his way, he would shut down the Fed……the Fed being The Federal Reserve. “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it,” as The Washington Post would say. We didn’t get it, so we asked Tamny to explain in ‘lay terms’ why he would do that while at a book party in his honor at the DC Kalorama residence of Juleanna Glover & Christopher Reiter hosted by Tom Adams, Edward Crane, Nick Gillespie, Windsor Mann and Richard Rahn. His latest book is “Who Needs the Fed?”


His other book is Popular Economics: What LeBron James, the Rolling Stones and Downtown Abbey Can Teach You About Economics which was released in 2015.  That interview here. We love the Hollywood analogy and plan to send Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton a thank you note.

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