Hollywood on the Potomac

'Neighbours in Arms'

October 26, 2017

To discuss nuclear security around the world and the lessons learned from U.S. relations with India and Pakistan, Hudson Institute’s South and Central Asia Program held a book launch for Senator Pressler’s Neighbours in Arms. Fresh off a two-week book tour in India, Senator Pressler gave remarks and took part in a discussion moderated by Ambassador Husain Haqqani, former Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States and senior fellow and director for South and Central Asia at Hudson Institute.


“Senator Pressler, who has served in the US Senate for 18 years, from 1979 to 1997, is known around the world as the author of the Pressler Amendment, which limited foreign countries from using US aid to develop nuclear weapons. As the Pressler Amendment resulted in shutting down US aid to Pakistan in the 1990’s, he was aggressively demonized in Pakistan and several of my countrymen from Pakistan,” said Ambassador Haqqani in his opening remarks. “I have found him to be a heartful American, genuinely concerned about the spread of weapons of mass destruction.”

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Points of Light!

October 23, 2017

Who knew that former First Lady Barbara Bush was a techie? In describing how his parents are doing – who are 92 and 93 years old respectively – Neil Bush, who was in Washington, DC for the annual “Points of Light” gala at The Embassy of France, says she is sharp as a tack. “Mom is the sharpest, funniest person. She’s got an amazing mind. She’s incredibly retentive and aware and curious. She knows how to use all the apps on iPhones and iPads. She does digital photography and sends photos out to friends and stuff like that, but she’s not a Twitter or a Facebook person.  My dad still has this amazing spirit of love and kindness towards one and all. He never wants to be a burden to anyone. He’s disabled so he’ll never be the same active George Bush that we’ve known for all of our lives, but they’re doing great!”  


Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, NFL player Coty Sensabaugh and his wife Dominique, and wildlife advocates Jack and Suzi Hanna, were honored for their service to others. Points of Light, a global nonprofit inspired by former President George H.W. Bush, is the world’s leading volunteer service organization. The Tribute Awards, titled “Changing Lives Through Service,” annually honors individuals who embody the vision of “a thousand points of light” that President Bush first invoked during his acceptance speech at the 1988 Republican National Convention. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer emceed the event that gathered some 300 corporate, nonprofit and community leaders to honor individuals and organizations whose extraordinary contributions to volunteering and service have made their communities and the world better.

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Bipartisan Star-Studded Gala

October 19, 2017

Written by guest contributor Jeannette O'Connor 


Close to 500 guests gathered for a moving and inspirational night supporting UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. Held in the Atrium of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, the 4th annual Out of the Shadows Dinner featured celebrities, Congressional leaders, members of the Administration, well-known Washington philanthropists, corporate sponsors, individual supporters, researchers, and other leaders in the fight to stop Alzheimer’s. This year’s event raised more than $1 million.


The dinner, hosted by WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s, was part of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s 2017 National Alzheimer’s Summit, and was renamed the Trish Vradenburg Out of the Shadows Dinner in memory of Trish Vradenburg, the powerful co-founder of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, who changed the course of the fight against Alzheimer’s through her relentless advocacy and humor. Before becoming involved in the Alzheimer’s fight, Trish was a sitcom writer for hit shows such as Kate & Allie, Family Ties and Designing Women. She and her husband George Vradenburg, former General Counsel for AOL, CBS and Fox, founded UsAgainstAlzheimer’s after losing Trish’s mom, Bea Lerner, to the disease.

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