Hollywood on the Potomac

Gateway to Edgy

October 26, 2015

According to some dictionaries, watergate is defined as the gate of a town or castle opening on to a lake, river, or sea. We define it as an incident that occured during the 1972 US presidential campaign and a series of scandals that followed during the Nixon administration; or as The Free Dictionary puts it: “When a group of agents employed by the re-election organization of President Richard Nixon were caught breaking into the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building, Washington, DC. The consequent political scandal was exacerbated by attempts to conceal the fact that senior White House officials had approved the burglary and eventually forced the resignation of President Nixon.”  No matter the variances of definition, Watergate will forever symbolize both luxury and political scandal.

For years, the adjacent Watergate Hotel was the watering hole of the rich and famous, heads of state, visiting dignitaries, and most notably the Watergate buglers.  We’re not sure how it fell into disarray and shut down almost a decade ago …… but the legend is back after years of collecting dust and memories.  Hollywood on the Potomac attended a Washington Post panel event in 2012 with all of the Watergate players in tow, including Woodward and Bernstein, the then cub reporters who broke the story as well as Editor Ben Bradlee who approved the courageous journalistic move.

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HRC Chefs Night

October 22, 2015

“I’m with Edible DC Magazine; a local food magazine and I volunteer every year for this event in drag ….. so I  come over to help and it’s a great opportunity. I just love seeing all the chefs and bartenders come out to support equality.”  Had he not been in drag, we may have recognized him; but that not being the case, here is the photo – let the I.D. contest begin.

Edible DC Magazine launched a little over a year and half ago, backed by the award winning Edible Community. “Releasing each issue is like dropping your kids off at the first day of school, you question all your decisions from editorial to design. The good news, after a year and a half with lots of bumps and bruises we are thriving.” The mission of Edible DC is to nourish, support, educate and celebrate the growing local food community within and surrounding Washington, D.C.  and on the farmers, growers, fishers, home cooks, chefs and others who energize the culinary community.

Anyone who skipped lunch before the Chefs for Equality event at the Ritz-Carlton is probably having buyer’s remorse.  Suggestion: Skip the scales.  But thank you Chefs, we’ll get over it.  Those would include West End Bistro, Birch & Barley, Carmine’s, Bar Pilar, Mango Tree, Cafe Dupont, District Commons, Matchbox, Slate Wine Bar, The Daily Dish, 1789, Lincoln, Bourbon Steak, Central Michel Richard, Dolci Gelato, City Perch, Susan Gage Caterer’s, Dog Tag Bakery, and least we forget – Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats!

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Eddie Murphy--Irresistible!

October 20, 2015

Some things are irresistible, just ask Eddie Murphy. After 28 years off of stand-up comedy and after refusing to imitate Bill Cosby on Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary (SNL) earlier this year, Murphy did just that – stand-up and a Cosby imitation at the 18th Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at The Kennedy Center.

Murphy himself was gracious when he took the stage and said that when you get this type of award, “you’re very very old,” but he hoped that meant he was ahead of the game. Murphy then proceeded to show he is still at the top of his game by skewering former Twain Prize winner Bill Cosby and the national scandal surrounding him. “You know you fucked up when they try to make you give your trophies back,” he said of the Cosby scandal and public outcry to rescind some of Cosby’s awards. “Maybe we should call this the Mark Twain surprise,” Murphy quipped, “because there is no money in it.”  He went on to say that was opposed to an award, and he wanted an award, not a prize. “I love you. This is a wonderful night.” It was colorful comedy and colorful language throughout the evening; tough editing job ahead for the PBS WETA release on November 23rd at 9/8c. (Check local listings)

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