Hollywood on the Potomac


April 29, 2018

While guests at the 6th Annual Cheers celebration of Beer & Food were soaking up …… er, beer & food, guests of former FBI director Jim Comey (make that James Brien Comey, Jr.) were soaking up themed drinks and book sales (A Higher Loyalty) at the Newseum while Comey drank red wine from a paper cup; and across town, guests at the White House State dinner in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron were soaking up Domaine Serene Chardonnay and Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir. – just another typical night in Washington, DC.  We’re not sure who was at Cafe Milano, the uber popular celebrity laden hot spot, but we noticed lots of Black SUV’s lined up on Prospect Street later in the evening.  How do we know?  We can see Milano “from our window.”

It was a blustery night, especially on The Wharf – District Pier at District Wharf to be exact – where hundreds of guests were grateful to get inside the tented venue where food was abundant & varied, courtesy of The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) hosted by Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs Rebecca Spicer and sponsors as part of their annual Legislative Conference to discuss the industry’s legislative goals and priorities with members of Congress and their staffs.

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April 25, 2018

Few in Congress have accomplished more than David Bonior on behalf of average Americans. Whip is the story of how he did it.  He was honored at a book launch hosted by Entrustpermal, Jill Daschle, Bruce Kieloch, Shanti Stanton, Kimball Stroud, Erica Payne and Brian Wolff in downtown Washington, DC for his latest tomb with the subtitle of Leading the Progressive Battle During the Rise of the Right

“David Bonior was my mentor when I came to Congress.”


— Senator Bernie Sanders


Nothing captures the essence of Bonior’s personal and political life better than our interview with him for his previous book Eastside Kid.  The below was originally posted in March of 2015:


“The Democratic whip for eleven of his twenty-six years in Congress, David Bonior never hesitated to take on the powerful on behalf of the powerless. How did this boy from Detroit grow up to become one of the most effective progressive legislators Congress has ever seen?”  Congressman John Lewis.


“I grew up quicker than I think most kids maybe do in this country. Certainly this is not an unusual story around the world that regretfully a lot of kids lose a parent or two early on. It made me focus and it made me serious and made me realize that life is short and try to get the best out of the time you have and do as much good as you can,” David Bonior told Hollywood on the Potomac at a book signing in his honor hosted by Jill Daschle and Kimball Stroud.  His mother died from heart problems at 37.  “But I had a good childhood, although it was challenging.”

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The Revolving Door

April 22, 2018

There’s a reason Americans are sicker than they should be, poorer than they ought to be and less safe than they deserve to be.  That was the theme of Big Money Agenda:Democracy on the Brink at a sneak peek screening held at Landmark E Street Cinema with a diverse panel discussion including Michael Isikoff, T.H. Tim Roemer, Tiffany Muller, Dr. Carol Paris and John Pudner and a reception at DBGB in Washington’s City Center that followed.


Other themes included: What did Big Money achieve? How much time do members of Congress spend raising money? Who pays for US elections?  And then there was “Dark Money” and the winner of the revolving door: Congress.  Some call Congress a finishing school for really good money. Currently, 50% of former Senators and 42% of former members of Congress and their staff go to work for lobbyists.  Up from just 3% in the 1970’s.

With a mixed bag of political persuasions among the panelists; yes, things got heated.

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