Hollywood on the Potomac

Mark Russell Skewers Both Sides at Ford's

February 22, 2010

Before Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, there was Mark Russell, who returned to Ford’s Theatre last week with One Man. One Piano. One Nation. Indivisible. Known for skewering Republicans and Democrats alike, Russell can make both sides laugh at themselves. Could be useful at this week's "bipartisan health care summit" hosted by President Obama. The Republicans still haven't confirmed they'll even show up.


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The Olympic Games Begin

February 15, 2010

VIDEO: The Olympic Games Begin

Proud Canadians celebrated the beginning of the Vancouver Winter Olympics at Ambassador Doer's Olympic Opening Ceremonies party at the Embassy of Canada.

Tricia Messerschmidt and WMAL radio talk show host Chris Plante were there playing like Canadians.

Also in the video: The Newshours' Mike Mosettig, Christina Sevilla, The Washington Note's Steve Clemons.


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