Hollywood on the Potomac


June 11, 2015

“As you know, food has the ability to connect us,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser as she kicked off The 33rd Annual RAMMY Awards Gala at Walter E. Washington Convention Center and that was right where the evening was heading – connecting through food. Cue the lights, cue the music and cue the food, it’s RAMMY time once again, celebrating the culinary achievements of the DC area with the Restaurant Association of Metro Washington.

If they do ever want to rename the gala we suggest ‘black tie and bibs.’ It is one of the tastiest, most finger-lickin’ evenings in the city and in many regards, it’s hard to imagine how anyone else gets a hot meal on this night when so many of Washington’s most talented chefs, bakers, brewers and bartenders are all gathered together under one roof.

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Yin and Yang

June 8, 2015

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign will be quick to tell you all about it. That’s because they love to talk! It’s not just idle chatter with these folks, either. The driving force behind a Gemini’s conversation is their mind. The Gemini-born are intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information.”  Astrology.com

An eclectic mix of 70 that included journalists, authors (including two Pulitzer Prize winners), playwrights, artists, architects, professional singers, lawyers, an art gallery owner, a renowned artistic-photographer, a former Ambassador, a current State Dept official — well, guests from all walks of life — showed up for the joint Gemini birthday party for best-selling authors Myra MacPherson and Thom Racina at MacPherson’s home.


Racina is an American award winning television writer and novelist whose TV credits include General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live.  His novels include The Great Los Angeles Blizzard, Nine to Five, Snow Angel and The Madman’s Diary.  MacPherson is an award winning  journalist and author whose books include The Scarlet Sisters, All Governments Lie and most importantly Long Time Passing: Vietnam and The Haunted Generation.

Myra was hired by Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee for the  it’s “revolutionary Style section which changed journalism on a nation-wide scale with its daily magazine approach to politics and art where her in-depth profiles included the Watergate criminals.”

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'The China Dream'

June 4, 2015

If you think that all house parties are the same, you obviously weren’t at the book party for Col. Liu Mingfu’s The China Dream at the Georgetown home of Susan and Dr. Michael Pillsbury. “Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s program is structured psychologically. We have a Peking Duck, lamb, salmon, and various other delicious things to eat that are going to be on the table in the dining room right after we finish asking questions of our guest of honor,” said Pillsbury.

“So we need to be brief, but also ask a lot of good questions,” he added suggesting that those who aspire to speak Mandarin should watch their tones because every word has a tone. “If you get the tone wrong, it’s very embarrassing. Some private personal parts of your body may be one tone off from like, your favorite sandwich. So you think you’re saying, ‘you know, I really love tuna sandwiches,’ when actually you’ve said something quite different, and this causes enormous laughter on the part of the Chinese.”  Hollywood on the Potomac didn’t ask any questions.

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