Hollywood on the Potomac

Top Chefs Show the Love at Restaurant Ceremony

April 15, 2010

Georgetown's Michel Richard and a "Who's Who" of chefs and others were recognized Wednesday by the National Restaurant Association for their contributions to the community. The D.C. Restaurant Stars were featured at a Congressional Reception at Acadiana, with hundreds of fans in attendance.

NBC Nightside captured exclusive video of chefs kissing!

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Once Upon a Prom and Speaker Pelosi

April 13, 2010

Got an extra prom dress? Mix 107.3 DJ Tommy McFly talks about Once Upon a Prom charity event to help young women. He dishes about the day he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi embraced and sang "Puff the Magic Dragon."

More at NBC Nightside.


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Tea Party Breaks Out at Lipert Gallery - Cups, Saucers Rally

March 30, 2010

Sarah Palin knows how to lead a tea party. So does Keith Lipert. His eponymous gallery on M St. has outspoken tea sets and trimmings. Janet Donovan caught up with him Sunday.

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