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Daily Callers Drink Up at SOTU Party

February 1, 2010

While the president was gearing up for his first State of the Union address to Congress, guests of Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller party were gearing up for their next drink at George in Georgetown.

The recently launched news site hosted a soiree in which some guests turned the much-anticipated speech by the president into a suds-swilling competition...

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Michel Richard Gets Salty Over Condiments

January 25, 2010

Renowned chef Michel Richard dished on his condiment consternation last night.
The France-born owner of Citronelle was preparing a meal in the Georgetown home of developer Herb Miller and his wife, Patrice, as part of the nonprofit D.C. Central Kitchen-sponsored Sunday Night Supper series.
As one of a number of celebrity chefs who donated their culinary talent to serve up dinner in 15 of the most prestigious homes in Washington, Richard said he had one request: Don't pass the salt.
"Just taste the food first," he said. "If it isn't salty enough then add salt, but don't hand me the plate and say it isn't salty enough."
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