Hollywood on the Potomac


April 17, 2013

As first reported by Politico and other sources, Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) received a letter in the mail suspect to contain chemical traces of ricin. Veteran NBC newsman Tom Brokaw responds to the suspected incident on April 16, 2013, just moments after the report at the Easter Seals Advocacy Awards Red Carpet.. Brokaw himself was the victim of an attack by tainted mail in 2001 when he received a letter containing anthrax particles.

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Locked Up Abroad

April 16, 2013

Locked Up Abroad is the cult favorite that takes viewers inside accounts of capture, incarceration, and terror far away from home with intimate personal interviews and dramatic reenactments.

This season, we’ll hear more firsthand accounts not only from those who were locked up, but also from those who were directly part of the story.

The story is about Sen. John McCain’s harrowing story of imprisonment and the unlikely friendship that gave him strength to hang on, that person being Ernie Brace, American Hero. As the longest POW in Vietnam history, Ernie Brace likely endured more than any other POW during the war. Held for almost eight years, he faced capture, starvation, sickness, torture, solitude, and desperation. Sen. John McCain became lifelong friends with Brace during his own internment in Vietnam.” Production Notes.

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Cancer Schmancer

April 14, 2013

Drescher, who currently stars on TVLand’s Happily Divorced, was one of the celebrity guest judges at the University of Maryland’s public policy school’s second annual Do Good Challenge, a philanthropic contest.

While in town, she stopped to talk about her own advocacy and philanthropy leading her group Cancer Schmancer and how she has taken her message globally as a Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women’s Health Issues for the U.S. State Department. Her passion is unmistakable as a cancer survivor herself and her spirit is infectious, making you want to get involved.

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