Hollywood on the Potomac

Biden & Biden

May 20, 2015

“Get men involved,” said Vice President Joe Biden at a reception in honor of the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project (DCVLP) for their annual “Voices Against Violence” event at the residence of The Ambassador of Japan and Mrs. Sasae.  “Pick up your damn phone. Call. Spread the word. You’ve got to stand up because we can’t beat this until there is not a single woman in America who blames herself for being victimized, not a single man in America who thinks it is justified to raise his hand. You are doing, as my mother would say, you are doing God’s work. You’re saving women’s lives.”

“Imagine what it is like for a woman to pick up the phone and call for help. Imagine what it’s like for a woman who does not have your help to be able to walk into a courtroom. It’s intimidating for her.  It’s intimidating for you,” he explained to an attentive audience while thanking all the volunteer lawyers. “I was a trail lawyer. I’ve been in court a lot. I was a public defender and I don’t care how good you are, every time you walk into court, if your palms aren’t sweating, your client’s in trouble. Imagine what it is like for that woman. What happens usually is real simple: The husband says ‘You leave, I’m keeping the kids. You leave, you’re out of the house.’  Who does she have to fight for her? Any good lawyer in this town is going to cost a minimum from $250 to $400 dollars an hour to handle the case. There’s no way she can do that and is the reason why 70 percent of the kids on the street are because of domestic violence.”

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A Trilogy by HRH

May 13, 2015

If you’re a history buff, you’re going to love Agnès Sorel: Mistress of Beauty by Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent who was in Washington for a book launch at the home of her friends Nash and Aniko Gaal Schott.  Part of the Anjou Trilogy, the second volume has all of the drama, history, murders, suspense and romance one has come to expect.  Hollywood on the Potomac sat down with HRH for an exclusive interview prior to the launch.

“I do family trees in the beginning of all of my books,” she told us.  “I didn’t know that I was descended from every person in the Trilogy until a Genealogist told me.”  We’re not sure if that includes those that were poisoned.

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Hell No!

May 10, 2015

Ron Reagan is “Not afraid of burning in Hell,” nor does he think anyone else should be. Simply put, he does not believe in religious teachings that hold that thought over you.  With religion so much in the news these days we thought we would speak to someone with a completely different view. Reagan is an atheist. 

It all goes back to childhood. “Two things leap to mind,” he told Hollywood on the Potomac. “The first things really that set the wheels in motion was that I had become at a very early age fascinated by the idea of prehistoric humans. This is a fascination that endures. Of course, I was familiar from Sunday school with the story of Adam and Eve. These two separate narratives began to clash in my little 4 or 5 year old head,” he explained.  “I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom playing with things one day and my mother walked into the room and I said, ‘Mommy, were Adam and Eve the first cave men or the first people as we know them today?’ I was very proud of the deploying the phrase ‘as we know them today’ which I had obviously heard somebody say and now I was going to use it, so I was happy about that. I was curious about this apparent problem, conflict.”

“Adam and Eve are supposed to be the first human beings,” he further explained,  “but clearly there were these other people before them, so what’s up with that? It got me thinking that there’s an issue here. This Adam and Eve story doesn’t really make any sense. Then I got to the Abraham and Isaac story and was pretty immediately horrified at the idea that some father was going to haul his kid up a mountainside and plunge a dagger into him. It didn’t make too much difference to me that the angel came down at the last minute to say, ‘whoa, whoa, okay just kidding here.’ That seemed pretty horrific too. I couldn’t see why anybody held this story up as anything other than just a horrible capitulation to a celestial dictator of some sort. Who would ask you to do the most horrible things to prove your undying and eternal devotion to the deity itself? That story didn’t please me much. By that time I think I was probably already atheist.”

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