Hollywood on the Potomac

Villa Firenze

May 27, 2013

The best address in Washington is 2800 Albemarle Street – that would be “Villa Firenze,” the residence of The Italian Ambassador to the U.S. Claudio Bisogniero and his wife Laura who not only graciously host elegant soirees but do so with an abundance of warmth and charm.  Such was the case on May 22nd.

Rep. William Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) and Rep. Patrick Tiberi (R-OH), who co-chair the Italian Caucus in the Congress, were conferred the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy in a ceremony officiated by Ambassador Bisogniero.

The two Congressmen’s contributions are distinguished by their consummate dedication and constancy to strengthening the relations at all levels between Italy and the United States.

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Jekyl and Hyde

May 16, 2013

By day he is the Vice President of The Entertainment Software Association; by night the lead singer in The Surreal McCoys.  Translation: Erik Huey is a rock star that Hollywood on the Potomac has witnessed first hand from here to the Oscars weekend in LA.

Friday night they’ll be playing at Hill Country.  What to expect?  Check out this rocking interview with Famous DC:  “It’s a real sweat-soaked rock-n-roll hootenanny. A lot of jumping around onstage and audience participation. I was talking to the comedian Sarah Silverman a while back and she asked me to describe our music. I said it’s sort of Johnny Cash meets The Clash. And she deadpanned “well, why don’t you just call it ‘Johnny Clash’”? So yeah, that pretty much nails it.”

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Race, Don't Walk

May 15, 2013

The “Betty Ford blip”, as it is known, was among the first women of national prominence to be open about her breast cancer.  Just weeks after she became the First Lady she underwent a mastectomy.  “There had been so much cover-up during Watergate that we wanted to be sure there would be no cover-up in the Ford administration,” she quipped when asked about her forthrightness.

“When other women have this same operation, it doesn’t make any headlines,” she told Time. “But the fact that I was the wife of the President put it in headlines and brought before the public this particular experience I was going through. It made a lot of women realize that it could happen to them. I’m sure I’ve saved at least one person — maybe more.”  Thank you Betty Ford.

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts detailed her painful struggle at a former Susan G. Komen event and continues to be open about the disease, as did NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

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