Hollywood on the Potomac

By George

June 12, 2013

They have taken care of the heads of heads of state, sports figures, celebrities and VIPs (we’re talking Nancy Pelosi, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Maria Shriver, Ryan Zimmerman and more) and perhaps made DC aesthetically more pleasing …. we’re not talking about psychiatrists or related head shrinkage ….  we’re talking George Salon located at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.

Guests included the who’s who of DC from ambassadors to socialites who supped on hors d’oeuvres and sipped champagne from Bourbon Steak while models with fashion forward coifs including locks fashioned into a top-of-head bow, strolled among the crowd.  Make up applied by special guest artist addition, Michelle Obama’s make up artist, Carl Ray.

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Pride's Wonder Woman

June 9, 2013

Hollywood on the Potomac caught up with Lynda Carter, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, at The Kennedy Center Honors when she told us she would be appearing in March at The Terrace Theater for a cabaret performance From the Heart with her All-Star Band featuring Blue Lou Marini, Paul Leim, and Luis Conte.  According to the Los Angeles Examiner, she hit the evening out of the park.

She also told us she was working on a new album which you can now find on her site Lynda Carter Sings.

What we didn’t learn though, until now, was her devotion to her loyal fans that includes the gay and lesbian community.  Today, the superstar will lead the parade in Washington as the Grand Marshall. MetroWeekly says it best;

“MW: You’ve been involved politically on LGBT issues for a long time, but on a more personal level what keeps you wanting to connect with the community?

CARTER: It’s a big fan base for me. You know, it is something I feel passionately about, but I also feel a responsibility because of Wonder Woman, because you know I have had the support of this community for a long time, that I feel I owe them something. I’ve always embraced them, I do embrace them, they’ve embraced me. It’s a mutual respect thing. That’s just how I feel.”

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Festa Della Repubblica!

June 6, 2013

In between the gelato, limoncello, rigatoni and mozzarella, 2300 guests poured into the Italian Embassy to celebrate all things Italian.

“Today we celebrate Italy’s National Day and the 67th Anniversary of the Republic,” said Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero.

“Always a joyful and meaningful event; an event we feel most keenly, and proudly, both at home and abroad.

As the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano, said on June 2nd, our National Day, [and I quote]: “on this Anniversary, Italy must project an image of dignity, self-awareness and constructive will” (..) in “our conviction that we will overcome present difficulties.

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