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August 31, 2012

There is a BOLD and unmatched level of attention that goes into each garment that falls off the rack at Suitsupply, Georgetown’s newest men’s boutique on the Four Season’s property.

Founder Fokke de Jong opened up to Hollywood on the Potomac about the style that goes into what makes a good suit and why DC isn’t quite the poorly dressed town that people often label it. 
To fill your own Suitsupply cravings, visit the new shop at 2828 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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Homage to "Julia"

August 7, 2012

by contributor Donna Shor

What would have been the late Julia Child’s 100th birthday is being observed in restaurants across America with special dishes prepared in her honor through August 15. 

Washingtonians are lucky because at his Pennsylania Avenue restaurant, Central Michel Richard, the famed chef has re-created a very special dish he served his friend Julia years ago in Los Angeles. Michel Richard has named it “Chicken Julia,” and it is delectable. It’s Michel Richard’s Homage to Julia.

He has set a high standard in creating this tender and flavorsome dish from a fowl that can sometimes be bo-o-o-r-ing.  Instead, Richard has managed to build in so many subtle flavors, it is almost like a new kind of meat. The portions sit in their plate in a silky pool of just enough glazed sauce, ringed about with an excellent ratatouille that puts the usual versions to shame. He included the vegetable dish as a bow to Julia’s happy years in Provence, where ratatouille was born.

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Let Them Eat Cake!

July 29, 2012

Ok, we will – eat cake that is.  Ever since Marie Antoinette told us to, we have.

So, when sisters Sophie La Montagne and Katherine Kallinis founded Georgetown Cupcake we doubled our efforts.  Now we are fat and happy.  (Katherine and Sophie pictured above)

The other day, a copy of Reader’s Digest arrived at the doorsteps of Hollywood on the Potomac with profuse thanks for subscribing.  We thought that was a nice gesture, thanking us and all……..except we didn’t subscribe.

However, since it wasn’t wrapped in layers of plastic requiring shears to open and since it didn’t smell of cheap perfume, we decided to take a look inside…….e voila……there they were.  You guessed it, Sophie and Katherine.

Yep, there they were, filed under the pages ofQuiz, theirs being “What’s Your Cupcake Personality?” 

Find out if you're paersonality is Chocolate, Red Velvet, PB Fudge, Vanillla, Lemon Berry or Carrot here.

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