Hollywood on the Potomac

The Gates ... All Started Here

June 18, 2012

"So here we are and the question is what was Watergate?  What is it now?  What will it be tomorrow and all the tomorrows still to come?  At the beginning, it was in fact just a piece of real estate.

And unless somebody demolishes it – and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon – it may always be the Watergate as a building.  But it’s also a crime;  A crime not of passion, a crime not of greed, but a crime of corruption -  political corruption of institutions by individuals high and low who saw the need and/or the opportunity to violate laws and standards of personal conduct.  Their lives were changed forever by what they did.  

Most paid an enormous price in a loss of liberty and a loss of reputation." Jim Lehrer - The Newshour. 

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How Many Times Can You Turn 40?

June 3, 2012

Tom McMillen turns 40 a lot.

McMillen is a retired NBA professional basketball player, Rhodes Scholar and Democratic U.S. Congressman who represented the 4th congressional district of Maryland from January 3, 1987 to January 3, 1993.  He celebrated his  "40th"  birthday at the Georgetown home of lobbyist and Democratic strategist Tommy Quinn.

Factoids from Wikipedia: McMillen is thought to be the tallest-ever member of Congress. At 6 feet 11 inches, he is two feet taller than current Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski who is believed to be the shortest representative ever.

McMillen was also a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team that lost a controversial game to the Soviet Union.

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An Affair to Remember

May 8, 2012

It was an affair fit for a King... er.... a Prince, when the Atlantic Council held its annual awards dinner at the Ritz-Carlton on Monday evening, honoring among others, HRH Prince Henry of Wales and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The council, which is marking its 50th year, has been a steadfast force of support for issues ranging from global financial stability to fighting violent extremism. 

The awards dinner, which invites leaders from the USA and around the world, has been a premiere event in DC each year. Past honorees have included Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and U2 lead singer Bono.

This year's honorees are equally diverse and also featured Unilever CEO Paul Polman, the Enlisted Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces, and German violin master Anne-Sophie Mutter. 

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