Hollywood on the Potomac

ELLE Meets Italy!

March 26, 2013

“Hosting this event, as some of you may know, is very significant. It’s particularly significant this year. You may ask why. Well, the reason is that 2013 is the year of Italian culture in the United States. We will bring art, design and fashion, and also Italian creativity and innovation to the United States. Once again, fashion and design play such an important role in everything that has to do with Italy and our creativity and our innovation,” said The Ambassador of Italy, Claudio Bisogniero.

The “ELLE & GUCCI” evening at Firenze House honored the “DC Power List 2013.”  The list: Dr. Jill Biden, Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn, Michelle Freeman, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Maria Teresa Kumar, Alyssa Mastromonaco, Susan McCue, Andrea Mitchell, Susan Molinari and Jessica Yellin.

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Harvest of Empire

March 24, 2013

Harvest of Empire is a breakthrough documentary in the way it connects the historical interaction between the US and Latin America with the immigration debate. Using rarely seen newsreel footage and interviews with prominent migrants from countries in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, the film puts a human face on an issue too often reduced to vulgar stereotyping. It has the effect of changing the discourse from one of “illegality” to “historical truth.” Production Notes 

Harvest of Empire opened at Regal Majestic Stadium 20 in Silver Spring on March 15th to such good reviews it has been extended for another week.

Holllywood on the Potomac sat down with producer Wendy Thompson and co-director Eduardo Lopez prior to the opening.

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US Welcomes Enda Kenny

March 20, 2013

“It’s a great honor to welcome you all here as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yet again today,” said The Ambassdor of Ireland Michael Collins referring to the week long celebration that has taken place around town from the National Building Museum to The White House.

“It’s celebrated not only by the Irish, but it’s celebrated by nearly everybody else in the world.”  We’ll drink to that – in fact we did at the Park Hyatt where Michael and Marie Collins welcomed The Prime Minister and The Deputy Prime Minister.

“Enda Kenny was first elected to the Irish Parliment many many years ago,” said Collins.  In fact, he’s the longest serving member of the Irish Parliment having been elected in 1975.  Please give a warm Washington welcome, a warm Irish welcome to Taoiseach Kenny.”

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