Hollywood on the Potomac

Making Washington Work

December 4, 2018

A look back at the relationship between President George Herbert Walker Bush and his Chief of Staff, James Baker III.  This article was first posted on March 23rd, 2015.

James Addison Baker III defines charisma – a personal magic of leadership. The former Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan who accidentally worked his way up the political food chain is the subject of a PBS documentary that airs on March 24th: James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work narrated by Tom Brokaw. It explores his life and long political career; a remarkably savvy power player, deal-maker and diplomat respected on both sides of the aisle for his ability to get things done.

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1000 Points of Light!

December 2, 2018

President George Herbert Walker Bush: June 12, 1924 – Nov. 30th, 2018.  A Thousand Points of Light.

The below article was first published on October 23rd, 2017

Who knew that former First Lady Barbara Bush was a techie? In describing how his parents are doing – who are 92 and 93 years old respectively – Neil Bush, who was in Washington, DC for the annual “Points of Light” gala at The Embassy of France, says she is sharp as a tack. “Mom is the sharpest, funniest person. She’s got an amazing mind. She’s incredibly retentive and aware and curious. She knows how to use all the apps on iPhones and iPads. She does digital photography and sends photos out to friends and stuff like that, but she’s not a Twitter or a Facebook person.  My dad still has this amazing spirit of love and kindness towards one and all. He never wants to be a burden to anyone. He’s disabled so he’ll never be the same active George Bush that we’ve known for all of our lives, but they’re doing great!”  

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Chefs Gone Wild!

November 27, 2018

“The only way to keep moving in this country is moving forward. We cannot be building walls, we need to start building bridges.” Jose Andres.


Chef Jose Andres has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. “Because of Mr. Andrés’s work, millions of people have been fed. This is the most basic human need and Mr. Andrés has proven to be world-class in this essential humanitarian field. With an incredible spirit and an innovative mind, Mr. Andrés is solving one of the world’s ancient problems and supplying world leaders with a new road map to provide more effective disaster relief in the future.”  Drew Hansen, The Washington Post.

We took a look back at some of the events that Andres chaired on behalf of DC Central Kitchen……seen in this article previously posted in October of 2012 with Anthony Bourdain.  Don’t miss the Iguana video at the end. 

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