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Bon Appetit!

October 7, 2019

"Tonight we celebrate the 4th edition of the The Michelin Guide for Washington, DC," said H.E. The Ambassador of France Philippe Étienne.  “As you most certainly know, the Guide Michelin is more than a restaurant guide: It’s an institution. The first guide for France was printed in 1900. The first one dedicated to the United States came out in 2005 and the first whole guide in the Washington DC area in 2016. Each year, the announcement of who’s getting a Michelin star or two or three receives as much publicity as another prize. For the French and for many Americans as well, fine food is not about simply eating: It’s about quality of life, culture and pleasure. We all joined together in celebrating chefs who can bring joy through good meals, who can surprise us and who can guide us to new experiences. Chefs and Ambassadors have a lot in common with the materials we are given. ‘Give me a good chef and I shall give you good treaties.’ It’s true.”

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September 30, 2019

“It was definitely difficult,” said actress Kaitlyn Dever who plays protagonist Marie Adler in the Netflix drama series Unbelievable based on a true story. “I’ve been acting for I guess 12 years now and very rarely given the opportunity to shed light on such an important story like this one. This is something that actually happened to someone, so I knew the importance of it going into it. I really wanted to respect Marie. I just began with knowing her story like the back of her hand; knowing her prior to the assault and after. I had a lot of source material on Marie at the very beginning stages and also had a handle on the foster care system. It’s based heavily on the foster care system.” 

Unbelievable is the true story of Marie, a teenager who was charged with lying about having been raped, and the two female detectives who followed the path to the truth.  A special screening  of the critically acclaimed series was held at the Hart Senate office building co-hosted by CBS Studios, RAINN, Senator John Cornyn, and Senator Dianne Feinstein (co-sponsors of the Debbie Smith Act which looks to end the rape kit backlog) followed by a panel moderated by Camille Cooper, vice president of public policy at RAINN.

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'Country Music' Film by Ken Burns

September 24, 2019

“Good evening country music fans,” said president and CEO of WETA Sharon Percy Rockefeller at the premiere screening of Country Music by filmmaker Ken Burns at George Washington’s Lisner Auditorium. “Tonight we celebrate a new master work from Ken Burns, our great friend and collaborator for more than 30 years. Ken’s fascinating, new eight part film country music is epic. I mean epic in scope full of colorful characters and riveting tales that premiered on Sunday, September 15th PBSstations nationwide. Ken is aptly called America’s storyteller with enormous artistry and integrity. He illuminates our national character and identity while inspiring us to learn more about our shared history and past. WETA is incredibly crowd proud to bring Ken’s films to the American people. Country Musicis our 28th production with Ken.”


“The music is fabulous for millions of Americans,” she added. “The iconic songs are the sound track of life itself this evening. I’m so pleased that we’ll be hearing from country music’s Kathy Mattea. I came to understand that country music in West Virginia and everywhere comes from the heart. It is built on hard work, on hope and on relationships. These words describe Ken’s films as well. Projects like Country Music can only materialize with many, many partners working together over many, many years.The group that supports Ken’s projects is dedicated to educating Americans about their history through documentary films.”


“We at PBS are committed to sharing stories that deepen understanding and encourage conversation,” said PBS COO Jonathan Barzilay, “and nobody, nobody tells those stories better than Ken Burns. He has produced some of the most iconic important films of our time and now he’s done it again with Country Music. This is an epic project drawing on over 100 interviews, over 700 hours of archival footage. The  film is not only filled with song, it is also filled with surprises.”


“It has been CPB’s (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) honor and mission to support the work of this great storyteller and historian. They’ve spent most of this past year on a bus touring the United States and attending so many of these public media events from the birthplace of country music and Bristol and Tennessee and Texas, and Oklahoma and the Central Valley of California. And I want to tell you that in each town, they have been so welcome because at a time when there is great divisiveness – through Ken’s films, we are reminded that our greatness is truly tied to our goodness and the amazing power of the mix. Please welcome public media’s all native son, Ken Burns.”

“Hello Toledo,” Burns joked. “Hang on, Washington. Sorry. Sorry. No, we’re so happy to be home. We’re so happy to be back here with you all. It has been my home since 1982. On behalf of Dayton Duncan, the writer and co-producer, and on behalf of Julie Dunfey, co-producer, I’d like to thank you all for attending this screening. You know, you could be at a debate.”

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