Hollywood on the Potomac

Camping Out

April 21, 2014

“To say this is one of the most important stories to put on our stage is a complete understatement,” said Artistic Director of Arena Stage Molly Smith at the world premiere of Camp David.  “It’s important to be reminded of a moment—now 35 years ago—when people from very different cultures and perspectives risked their lives and careers and put themselves on the line personally, intellectually and spiritually by sitting down to forge an agreement.”

Camp David (renamed after Eisenhower’s grandson) is the rural retreat of US Presidents ensconced in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Maryland, some 64 miles northwest of Washington.  Its history includes the meeting there during World War II between President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and has been the scene of a number of high-level presidential conferences with foreign heads of state.  The Accords are considered by most historians to be the greatest accomplishment of the Carter Presidency.

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'The Political Party'

April 13, 2014

“After five years, John has led this group with his heart and soul—that much is obvious through his impassioned words at the Embassy of Luxembourg on Wednesday night,” said Fran Holuba referring to her friend John McCarthy.  “I believe this promising nonprofit is rewriting civic engagement and I’m truly inspired by their work…………and their uncanny ability to throw meaningful, yet glamorous events in Washington.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and I can’t wait for their inaugural gala this fall.”


Celebrating 5 Years of Political Engagement, the event was aptly named “The Political Party” and included over 200 of the best and brightest in public service and community activists who celebrated at the luxurious french style, historic Embassy of Luxembourg in Dupont Circle, hosted by His Excellency Jean-Louis Wolzfeld, The Ambassador of Luxembourg.

“This event is not only a celebration of the work that Future Civic Leaders has accomplished over the last five years,” said McCarthy, Executive Director of Future Civic Leaders. but of the political community here in Washington that has lifted up the stories of the civically disenfranchised. We believe that Democracy works best when everyone is at the table, and by the turnout tonight, we can see that our supporters do as well.”

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Still Desperate!

April 9, 2014

We like to think we came up with the title Desperate in DC before Desperate Housewives came out which shows you how long we’ve been discussing and writing.  And yes, we came up with the title partly because we had a sense of desperation about our lives here. 

I think anyone who lives here, particularly if they have kids and they are a woman, knows that struggle where their falling down on all fronts,” opined Phoebe. “their home life, their work life, their marriage, their house – everything is on the point of chaos at any given moment on any given day and the days that things are going swimmingly are very few and far apart.”  We suspect that is applicable to all moms everywhere, so happy Mother’s Day wherever you are!


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