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Georgetown Galleries on Book Hill Fall Walk Sept. 7

August 28, 2019

The Georgetown Galleries on Book Hill will have their Fall Art Walk on Saturday, September 7th from 5:00-8:00 pm. The focus this year is on abstract work, with solo shows by artists working in a variety of media. Seeing the exhibits at the same time will give visitors an opportunity to

compare and contrast the work, making for a thoughtful and entertaining evening.


The Georgetown Galleries on Book Hill is an association composed of six fine art galleries located on upper Wisconsin Avenue in the art and antiques district of Georgetown. The association was established to inform visitors about this vibrant neighborhood which offers the largest concentration of fine art galleries in Washington, DC.

Summer Flowers, Natasha Karpinskia (Photo by: Susan Calloway Fine Art Gallery) Summer Flowers, Natasha Karpinskia


Galleries in this group exhibit works from modern to contemporary in a range of styles and media including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, contemporary glass masters, cutting edge and emerging artists, Washington area-based printmakers, and artists from across the globe.


Carousel is Natasha Karpinskia's fourth solo exhibition at Calloway Fine Art. The show features pieces from multiple series that interplay form and composition while maintaining a captivating color palette. The pieces are curated to have the viewer move between pieces as if rotating on an axis of a carousel while images of the surroundings flash and elements linger from one piece to the next. The collection illustrates Natasha’s mastery of monotype through color, composition, and technique.


Addison/Ripley Fine Art welcomes Nancy Sansom Reynolds back to the gallery with her new series, “unwinding” inspired by rolled and unrolled origami paper. Like that paper, each of these sculptures has a lightness, and almost fragile quality which defies the presumed characteristics of the shaped plywood in which the artist works. As before, Sansom Reynolds cites as inspiration the clarity and sharpening of senses that life in the desert has afforded her and her work.

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Ranjani Shettar's Sculpture at The Phillips Collection Through Aug 25

July 14, 2019

Earth Songs for a Night Sky, a multi-faceted project by Ranjani Shettar is at The Phillips Collection through August 25, 2019. This exhibition is part of Intersections, a series of contemporary art projects that explores—as the title suggests—the intriguing intersections between old and new traditions, modern and contemporary art practices, and museum spaces and artistic interventions.


Drawing from her environment in rural India—with changing skies, monsoon rains, and lush vegetation—and employing traditional materials such as teak wood and indigo pigment, and techniques of carving, dyeing, and lacquer, Shettar has created hand-carved wood sculptures and a multi-part piece that wraps up the gallery walls. Occupying two rooms and the staircase of the original Phillips House, the project is conceived in dialogue with Wassily Kandinsky’s artist’s book Klänge (Sounds)—which features 56 woodcuts and was published right after he had made his breakthrough into abstraction—and Paul Klee’s late paintings in the Phillips’s collection: Efflorescence (1937) and Figure of the Oriental Theater (1934). For Shettar, the connection between her work and Kandinsky’s book and Klee’s paintings is more metaphysical than visual. As she says, “I relate to the surreal and abstract qualities of both Kandinsky’s poetry and images. In Klee, I find a formal and thematic playfulness that I strive to achieve in my own work.” Undeniably, what the work of the three artists have in common is a tension between the material world and spiritual aspirations, observation and introspection, and the act of seeing, making, and reflecting.

Please note that from July 9 through August 9, while The Phillips Collection makes critical repairs to the elevator in the Phillips House building, accessibility to this exhibition will be unavailable to those visitors requiring use of the elevator. 

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Bach Festival at Grace Church June 30-July 12

June 30, 2019

Grace Episcopal Church's summer musical events are starting now with the 26th Annual Bach Festival.


All performances take place in the Sanctuary of Grace Episcopal Church, 1041 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.


Sunday, June 30 - 3:00 pm

This performance includes the World Premiere of “Pavane for Organ and Strings” composed by Bernard Wayne Sanders for this occasion.


Monday, July 1 - 7:30 pm


Sunday, July 7 - 1:30 pm

Friday, July 12 - 7:30 pm


For more information, visit Grace Church.

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