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Chamber Music Concert at Dumbarton House May 14

April 24, 2019

Come to Dumbarton House on May 14, 2019 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm for a free concert.


On Tuesdays between September and June, the Friday Morning Music Club performs early 19th century music in the Belle Vue Room on the lower level (ADA-accessible). These extremely talented musicians will present a diverse collection of chamber music.


May 14th Program:

  • Bononcini: Idol Mio Tesoro (Cantata with flute). Marcello: Pecorelle Che Pascete (Cantata with flute). Marjorie Coombs Wellman, soprano; Carole Falvo, recorder; David Pearl, cello; Peggy Lacey Craig, harpsichord.
  • Mozart: Divertimento No. 1, K. 439b (anh. 229) in B-flat Major. Kenneth Latchis and Arnold Saslowsky (guest), clarinets; John Hoven, bassoon.
  • Crusell: Quartet in E-flat Major, op. 2, no. 1. Albert Hunt, clarinet; Eunju Kwak, violin; Bonnie Cohen, viola; Sarah Hover, cello.

Dumbarton House is located at 2715 Q Street in Georgetown.

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Georgetown University Votes on Slavery Reparations

April 11, 2019

News outlets around the country are reporting that Georgetown University’s undergraduates are voting this week on a referendum to increase tuition by $27.20 a semester to create a fund to benefit descendants of the 272 slaves sold to pay off the Georgetown Jesuit’s debt that saved the university. 

This week's vote follows several years of the university's ongoing process to acknowledge and respond to its historical ties to the institution of slavery.

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'Juggling the Middle Ages' Now at Dumbarton Oaks Museum

October 23, 2018

Through February 28, 2019, visit Dumbarton Oaks Museum and see how a humble juggler-turned-monk struggles to think of a gift worthy of the Virgin Mary, before delivering a heartfelt juggling performance in front of her statue. 


If this story seems familiar, that’s because over the centuries it has inspired films, books, even an opera, and has parallels in an iconic Christmas carol. Through all these adaptations, however, the heart of the tale is never lost. At its core, the endlessly relatable story, called Le Jongleur de Notre Dame or Our Lady’s Tumbler, affirms the importance of art.


Featuring more than 100 objects, Juggling the Middle Ages explores the influence of the medieval world by focusing on this single story with a long-lasting impact. The exhibit follows the tale from its rediscovery by scholars in the 1870s to its modern interpretations in children’s books, offering viewers a look at a vast range of objects, including stained glass windows, illuminated manuscripts, household objects, and vintage theater posters.

Why have the Middle Ages exerted such a great influence on modern European and American identities, as expressed in architecture, art, music, and other media? This exhibition allows viewers to consider the role of the Middle Ages in the fashioning of modernity—from films rooted in Arthurian legend, to Gothic Revival architecture—through the lens of one powerful tale.


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Dumbarton Oaks Museum is located at 1703 32nd Street in Georgetown.

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