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Lynn's Secondhand Rose Still Blooms

December 3, 2012

While owner, Lynn Boynton has packed up her fashion trunk and moved away from 1516 Wisconsin Avenue, Secondhand Rose continues. The designer consignment shop synonymous with great fashion at even greater prices for over three decades was aquired by Lynn 11 years ago.

Armani jacket (Photo by: Lynn boynton) Armani jacket

“The customers became my friends,” says Lynn, “And when I told them I was leaving, they were very sad.” The decision wasn’t easy, but after the roof began to leak, she knew it was time to take her top tier designers (Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Marni, YSL, and more) and find them a new home. For now, Lynn is showing her collection at clients' homes and private events.

You'll also see Lynn at Serenity, where she manages an 1,800 square foot boutique in a medical building at Sibley Hospital where the focus is on wonderful gifts for patients, their families and friends.

Don’t let the recently made sign outside 1516 Wisconsin Avenue fool you, the clothes you love are Lynn's Secondhand Rose.

Lynn Boynton at Serenity (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Lynn Boynton at Serenity

If you have any seasonal handbags, boots, coats and cashmere you'd like to consign or ar looking to buy, give Lynn a call: 202.337.3378 or send her an email: secondhandrosedc@msn.com

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CBS Radio Hosts Working Women at Sequoia

November 19, 2012

99.1 WNEW-FM and 94.7 FRESH-FM hosted a Working Women's Luncheon at Sequoia Restaurant at Washington Harbour on November 14, 2012. Three panels: on small business entrepreneurs, women who climbed the corporate ladder, and fearless women leaders were moderated by Amy Morris, morning anchor of All News 99.1 FM WNEW.

Katherine, Allison and Erin Blakely (Photo by: piesisters.com) Katherine, Allison and Erin Blakely

The Pie Sisters of Georgetown - Alli, Erin and Cat Blakely - represented the small business entrepreneurs.  All three sisters agreed that do your research; listen to advisors and mentors; everyone has advice so filter it and take what you want and follow your gut instinct, as it is your business.  Alli and Erin agreed maintaining your focus of what you want your business to do is the key to success. Cat explained the significance of using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your business and to figure out a way to market your great product while being caught-up with work explaining she will be covered in flour and take time to photograph the freshly baked pie to post on twitter; Facebook and Instagram. Bottom-line, you have to let people know what you are doing. 

(Photo by: Tim Yorro, CBS Radio)

Catherine Meloy, President & CEO of Goodwill of Greater Washington; Katherine Hurley, Principal of Infinity Financial Group; and Jennifer Cortner, Vice President of Discovery Creative spoke to lessons learned climbing the corporate ladder.  Meloy stated the importance of giving herself and her staff one day off from email and text messaging, so every Saturday after midnight there are no more emails or texts for 24 hours.  Additionally, learning to be in the moment and not have the constant running mental check-list of what you need to do next and rushing through what is before you.  Hurley spoke to the importance of prioritizing and taking time to "enjoy the after-dinner walk with your husband" knowing that all the emails will still be there.  Cortner spoke to the significance of delegating, communicating what you are doing with your work colleagues and why, and learning to say "no."

(Photo by: Tim Yorro, CBS Radio)

Nell Merlino, Creator of Take Our Daughters To Work Day, Leader of Make Mine a Million $ Business and Author of Stepping Out of Line observed that most women try to fit everything on one table: family, career, friends, and community.

They only give their career so much space at the table to accommodate demands of family, friends and community.  Instead, women should shift their thinking believing they can actively pursue their biggest goals, dreams, ideas, and passions right now.  Theresa Alfaro Daytner, CEO of Daytner Construction, said to think outside gender roles; be fearless; and challenge yourself.  She shared her story of learning not to limit yourself, which has led her to building a construction company grossing $18 million annually.  Fiona Macaulay, Founder & CEO of Making Cents International headquartered in Georgetown, said it's all about emotionally giving yourself permission to let go of your fears or whatever is holding you back from pursuing that business idea in your head and just do it!  

99.1 WNEW-FM is a new CBS owned all news radio station and features traffic reports with Lisa Baden weekday mornings.

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Calligaris Opens in D.C.

October 31, 2012

(Photo by: calligaris.us)

Add Calligaris to the list of international home furnishings available in D.C.  A leader in Italian home design since 1923, Calligaris has grown from a small, family-owned operation in Manazano, to an international name in modern furniture.

Priding itself on creating stylish and adaptable chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories for any contemporary home, Calligaris incorporates its four pillars of Italian style into each piece of furniture - modern design, excellent craftsmanship, ingenuity and everyday appeal.

Alessandro Calligaris, President of Calligaris, flew in from Italy to attend the opening of the store. “We are excited to join the vibrant DC design community. The full line of sleek Calligaris furniture and home accessories will meld nicely with the modern taste of the local residents,” said Calligaris.

Calligaris Is located at 5252 Wiscosnin Avenue, NW. Tel: 202.244.5544

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