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Recycling Solar Specs

August 22, 2017

Summer of 2017's shortest shelf life accessory need not go to waste. 


Astronomers Without Borders will redistribute your glasses across South America and Asia for the 2019 total solar eclipse. They will be used to aid Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in schools that can't afford to provide glasses for their children.


While details are being worked out, if you must get rid of them now, you can mail your glasses to Astronomers Without Borders’ corporate sponsor:

Explore Scientific

621 Madison Street

Springdale, Arkansas 72762

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Joyce Moreno Live at Blues Alley Aug. 17-20

August 13, 2017

Legendary Brazilian vocalist/guitarist/composer Joyce Moreno will be performing live at Blues Alley August 17 through 20, 2017.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, the singer, composer, arranger and instrumentalist JOYCE MORENO has in her portfolio 400 recordings of songs she has authored, interpreted by the greatest names in Brazilian popular music.


Since the beginning of her career, Joyce’s registered trademark has been the first-person feminine voice, which she pioneered; she was the first Brazilian songwriter to express herself in this form, opening the way for countless other artists who followed. Joyce received four nominations for the Latin Grammy.


To date, she has released 33 personal CDs and two DVDs, in addition to numerous compilations and guest appearances. Currently, her work takes her all over the world; she makes annual tours and records new albums in various countries, never losing her feminine Brazilian identity.


For tickets, click here.

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'Objects of Wonder' at National Museum of Natural History Museum

July 23, 2017

Stay cool this summer by checking out one of the many fascinating exhibitions on our National Mall.


The Natural Museum of Natural History is currently showing “Objects of Wonder,” the world’s most extensive natural history research collection—more than 145 million artifacts and specimens. The exhibition examines how scientists use Smithsonian collections to enlighten and illuminate our understanding of nature and human culture.


Objects featured in the exhibition include Martha, who was the last known passenger pigeon, and the “Blue Flame,” one of the world’s largest and finest pieces of gem-quality lapis lazuli. Moreover, some of the objects are celebrated for their value to researchers, such as the Pinniped fossil, one of the earliest members of the group of animals that includes living seals, sea lions and walruses, and the 1875 Tsimshian House Front, one of the best examples of Native Alaskan design artwork. The exhibition also feature visually striking displays of exotic wood, tiger cowries, and a remarkable array of insects and tiny deep-sea corals.

artwork. The exhibition also features visually striking displays of exotic wood, tiger cowries, and a remarkable array of insects and tiny deep-sea corals.


National Museum of Natural History is located at 10th Street on Constitution Avenue, NW. This exhibit is on the 2nd floor.

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