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Rush Limbaugh Attacks Katherine Tallmadge

April 17, 2014

Far-right conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, are attacking Katherine Tallmadge for her views on fighting the obesity epidemic.

After being invited on FOX News' Neil Cavuto's show on Monday, Katherine Tallmadge, Personalized Nutrition president, Diet Simple author and The Georgetown Dish contributor, encountered a firestorm of vitriol from far-right fanatics, in hundreds of emails and phone messages..

On his Fox news program, Cavuto asked Tallmadge about Bubba Watson celebrating his Golf Masters win at a waffle house and to comment on whether public figures should set an example for the American public regarding their eating habits. Tallmadge answered, "Well, it would be great if celebrities and sports figures set a better example for our obese nation."

That started the firestorm and even Rush Limbaugh is on her case, calling her an "elitist inside-the-beltway nutritionist ... whose success is based on pestering people about what they eat." 

"Apparently some self-appointed nanny state-loving guardians of nutrition like Katherine Tallmadge believe that Watson set a bad example for Americans by eating [at the waffle house]," said Newsbusters.com

"I was shocked by the professional and personal attacks," said Tallmadge, who never mentioned her political affiiation, though assumptions were made by FOX and Limbaugh fans. "I was called 'an elitist beltway snob,' a 'phony,' a 'Parisian Communist' (Tallmadge was born in France), a 'policewoman with a big fat nose,' a C___, a B____, and even words I'd never heard of like 'Libtard,' 'Dumbocrat,' well, you get the idea."

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Washington City Paper Names Georgetown Best Neighborhood for Shopping

April 10, 2014

The Georgetown Business Improvement District announced Thursday that Georgetown won "Best Neighborhood for Shopping" in the Washington City Paper's "Best of DC 2014" contest.


Congratulations to the Georgetown businesses who won their respective categories including Baked & Wired for "Best Place to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth," Georgetown Cupcake for "Best Cupcake," Blues Alley for "Best Blues/Jazz Venue;" Sweetgreen for "Best Salad;" and Georgergetown Optician as "Best Place to Buy Eyeglasses."


Read the complete list of winners here.

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Spring POSTES Delivers

March 19, 2014

(Photo by: claudinesorel.com)

Is spring your favorite season? For POSTES designer Claudine Sorel, it's a time for new life, new colors and new styles.

Sorel seduces us with her new collection, a chic interpretation of the traditional leather mailbag worn by members of the French postal service.

This season, she continues with her signature combinations of luxurious leathers, adding some luscious new shades:  deep royal blue with a sharp lime green interior, jet black gloss with a lemon trim, Seville orange with silver grey fur and jade lambskin interior, and peach with a custard cream finish.

(Photo by: claudinesorel.com)

Although these new models are released just in time for spring, Sorel says, “I don’t follow the fashion trend seasons because POSTES is totally unconventional, timeless and adaptable to anyone, at any time and for any occasion.”

POSTES très French designs, as sophisticated as its designer, are handmade in Claudine Sorel's New York City atelier.

The designer's newest, limited edition collection of POSTES creations is now available online here

(Photo by: claudinesorel.com)

(Photo by: claudinesorel.com)

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