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Welcome Pierre!

February 15, 2015

Dumbarton House invites you to the 27th Annual "Welcome Pierre!" Reception & Toast on Monday, March 9, 2015 from 6:30 until 9:00 pm.

Why do we "Welcome Pierre"? A botched arrival in 1791, Pierre-Charles L'Enfant arrived in Georgetown on Wednesday evening, March 9, and a few days later wrote to Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (then in the temporary capital of Philadelphia):

On arriving, I made it my first care to wait on the Mayor of the town in conformity with the direction you gave me. He appeared to be much surprised and he assured me he had no previous notcie of my coming nor any injunction of the business I was to set up

L'Enfant's initial arrival had been botched by a bureaucratic breakdown! Thus, reparations to that oversight, and slight, have been made annually since 1989, by a festive civic celebration on the anniversary date of his first arrival.

Major L'Enfant's arrival in Georgetown to design the Federal City in 1791 was both unexpected and unheralded. As the City's bicentennial approached, The Historical Society of Washington began the tradition of commemorating the occasion with a gathering and a grateful toast to the designer of our Unique National Capital.

Dumbarton House and the "Friends of Pierre" continue with this lively annual tradition!

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here.

Dumbarton House is located at 2715 Q Street in Georgetown.

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A Via Umbria Valentine's Dinner

January 29, 2015

Why just celebrate love (and wine) on one day? Join Via Umbria for an extended Valentine's Day weekend where the celebration continues on Sunday. Birthday boy Bill Menard turns 55, so you know it will be a party!

(Photo by:
Join acclaimed Umbrian winemaker Roberto Di Filippo for an intimate and delicious dinner featuring the biodynamic wines of Di Filippo and Plani Arche at your private table.

With presentations throughout the evening, Roberto will draw you in with stories about his life in Umbria, the role of food and wine in his culture and, of course, a deeper understanding of his wines and how they pair with different foods. It’s part dinner, part theater, and all wine.

Come February 15 at 6:30 pm for a very special four-course dinner curated by Roberto Di Filippo.

The cost is $125 per person with wine included. Reservations are required. Call Via Umbria at 202.333.3904 to make your reservation or for further information.

Via Umbria is located at 1525 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.

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Chef Simone is Coming to Georgetown

January 4, 2015

Via Umbria is starting off the New Year with Simone Proietti-Pesci, Italian Chef/Owner of Le Delizie del Borgo in Bevagna, Italy.

Simone's restaurant, nestled in a corner on one of the medieval city'sprincipal piazzas, is a magnet for gastronomes, attracting diners from afar with his menu of traditional and modern dishes and a wine list that draws heavily from Umbria, Tuscany, the Piemonte and across Italy.

Throughout January, learn the secrets of Umbrian cooking and la dolce vita with chef Simone right here in Georgetown at one of Via Umbria's special events, including pasta making classeswine and beer tastings, and a fantastic Umbrian Food and Wine Tasting.

Simone is also available for private cooking classes and in-home dinners on select nights in January.

Inquire with Suzy Menard by calling 202.333.3904 or emailing

Via Umbria is located at 1525 Wisconsin Avenue.

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