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Mommy-To-Be: Styling The Early Bump

November 29, 2011

Welcome to the first MyDCStyle for Mommy-To-Be post!  

As you already know, I'm 5 months preggos, so I've recently experienced what it's like to buy for the bump I've developed.  I've learned in these early months, it's important to shop for clothing that you can grown in to.  First and foremost though, utilize everything you have in your existing wardrobe as long as you can - look for tunics, over-sized sweaters (Vince sweaters are great for pregnancy wear because they're so roomy), wrap dresses, etc.  Then once your pants, skirts and blouses start looking noticeably too tight, you'll know it's time to head out and do some serious shopping!


Above is Yours Truly (with my amazing cousin Noah) wearing my fav booties that I wear with almost everything by Elie Tahari, a stretchy pencil skirt from Isabella Oliver and charcoal gray sweater from Anthropologie.

It's time to be picky though - don't splurge on pieces you're only going to wear for a few months.  Also, don't think solely maternity clothing!  Just think of going up a larger size or two and you'll see you have SO many more options in terms of style because you won't be limited to the maternity clothing stores.   Oh, and visit the outlets, TJ MAxx and the sale section of every store you love - you'll find great deals and you'll get more bang for your buck!  As for essential maternity pieces for - maternity jeans and skirts because they have a band that will stretch as your belly grows and grows!

Sweater dresses are great for the growing belly!  The one below from The Limited is fabulous for mommies-to-be because of the empire waist and it's also stylish with a cowl neck collar and a fun bell sleeves.  A piece like this is worth scooping up in more than one color and fortunately this one is available in black and tan as well.


Don't be afraid to visit the men's section once in a while!  Seriously - most button downs for women even in a size large still won't leave you much room to grown in to, but try a small or a medium in a men's size and you'll find it's the perfect find!  The other day, I was looking for a cute plaid shirt and found that even a women's size large wasn't fitting right - it was too tight in the rear and bust line.  So I headed to the men's section of JCrew and scored this great plaid button down which I intend to pair with a pair of black skinny jeans and a chunky necklace.


Roomy sweaters are imperative for your mommy-to-be wardrobe.  This olive green chunky knit sweater from Anthropologie looks great with a fitted white tank paired with a pair of leggings or jeans.  It's a great sweater because it leaves room for your belly to grow and comes in ivory too - I got both! :o)  You'll be cozy and look cute as a button!



Check out MyDCStyle for more styling tips for the early bump and stay tuned for more Mommy-To-Be posts!




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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Coverage!

September 26, 2011

I'm back from a fabulous week in NYC thoroughly enjoying every minute of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week featuring Spring 2012!  A week full of dashing to and from Lincoln Center to attend some of my fav designers' shows and loving every minute of it!  Micheal Kors, Tibi, Milly, Vera Wang, Bagdley Mischka, Herve Leger, and Elie Tahari!

So what's in store for Spring 2012 you ask?  Well, feminine looks continue to rule the runway - lace, sheer tops and skirts, figure-flattering dresses - the '60s and '70s trend remain a fav, maxi skirts, high slits (front and back), open backs, deep v-necks, animal prints, bright colors and earth tones were all the rage.  Spring 2012 is going to be a beautiful season of colors: golds, oranges, honey-tones, pale purples, baby blues and pinks.  Now sit back and enjoy all the shows Yours Truly enjoyed!  XO


*Bagdley Mischka Spring 2012


*Michael Kors Spring 2012


*Tibi Spring 2012


*Herve Leger Spring 2012


*Milly Spring 2012


*Vera Wang Spring 2012

Photo Credits for entire post: Vithaya Phongsavan of Vithaya Photography!

Visit for the more coverage of Fashion Week - including a backstage interview with Elie Tahari - split in 

Part 1 & Part 2!




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Invest in...a coat!

September 7, 2011

If there's one thing I hands down recommend splurging on when Fall/Winter season rolls around - it would be a fabulous coat!  Some of the prices admittedly are steep - but so long as you go with a classic, well-made, high-quality brand you'll be wearing it for years to come, hence why it's worth the investment.

Just like a the black coat is a staple piece, this stands true for a winter white coat.  To me there's nothing like it and it goes with everything - timeless, elegant and quite honestly a beautiful on anyone and reminds me of something Ginger Rogers would wear in White Christmas.  The Milly coat below (available at Bergdorf Goodman) would look magical against the snow-covered sidewalks and you can easily add a pop of color with a colorful pair of gloves like the model has in the photo.


Another classic color to invest in - a candy apple red.  The Diane von Furstenberg (available at ShopBop) herringbone trench below in red spice is absolutely delicious!  The color is romantic, feminine and bold and will have you standing out in a crowd.


The ice blue Diane von Furstenberg coat below (available at Net-a-Porter) would bring in a change from the traditional neutral colored jackets.


Now this one is a gigantic splurge - Burberry's leather bound wool tweed trench coat with fur shoulders.  Perhaps an item for your lust list, but truly a magnificent coat.  :o)


So keep your eyes open for a unique and fabulous winter coat that you may end up tapping deep in to your wallet for but you'll make use of it for years to come!



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