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What We Are Doing Right Now, Right Here, To Help

April 19, 2020

Two weeks ago, my youngest sister Roxane, a medical doctor at the hospital in Sion, Switzerland, asked a very pointed question on our Polla sisters Skype: “What can our beauty businesses do to help during this time of crisis?” I did not have an answer, but I did hear her question. A few days later, I saw on LinkedIn that Mathilde Thomas of Caudalie donated products to numerous hospitals in France. And I thought, well, we also have products that help with chapped hands and irritated faces… 


So I began my week with a donation of products to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, the hospital that is affiliated with the business school I went to and that is less than one mile from my office. Similarly, in Switzerland, we donated products to my sister Roxane’s hospital (in Sion), the one affiliated most closely with my heart since she works there every day. 


In speaking of this with my sisters and my team, I was amazed to hear about their own initiatives to help and contribute to their communities.


Here is what they are doing: 

Angie (NYC): “I gave a donation to New York’s Food Bank last month. This month, I am donating to José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen. I like that some restaurants are feeding healthcare workers and that also helps support the restaurant during these times.”


Emma (Arlington, VA): “I am buying books (used and new) from eBay US sellers instead of Amazon. It makes me feel better that I deal directly with real people and contribute something to them instead from big companies such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The sellers that I’ve dealt with so far shipped everything from their house which is listed on the shipping label of the packages that I received.”


Jenna (Reston, VA): “I baked assortments of cookies and sent them to friends and clients to cheer them up. Also, I live across the street from a trauma hospital so every night at 7 pm people in my building and surrounding buildings go outside on their balconies to cheer for the hospital workers at shift change. A small gesture, but it makes everyone (including myself) feel good.”  


Kelli (Charleston, WV): “I have compiled lists of local restaurants offering delivery or carry out and local businesses doing online sales or online classes that I share regularly on social media.”  


Mandi (Washington DC: “I have been ordering food from all of my favorite local restaurants and taking classes from my favorite yoga instructors (some donation-based and some free) and posting pictures to my social media to help build their client base.”  


Rachel (Geneva, Switzerland): “I have been buying groceries for a few older women who are high risk and should not leave their homes, both among my neighborhood and among my Forever Institut teammates.” 


Roxane (Sion, Switzerland): “I have been extra ‘gifty’ to my friends who have had birthdays in the last few weeks, since they can’t celebrate as they usually would. I have been having cupcakes delivered to them (from a brand called Melazic, a business owned by two sisters) as well as personalized cookies with positive messages from the brand Bobiskuit, also a woman-owned brand.” 


There is no right or wrong way to help or contribute. There is no act of kindness too small or too insignificant to matter. And it makes me so proud to be a part of a family, a team that instinctively takes care of their communities, of their world, of our world. 

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Alchimie Forever's Spring Solstice Sale

March 19, 2020

(Photo by:

Believe it or not, we had this promotion planned since January - we call it our Spring Solstice Sale (I love a good alliteration).


And it seems all the more timely now, between the fact that so many of our brick and mortar partners have made the safe choice to close their doors for a few weeks, and the fact the so many of us are stuck at home with lots of extra time on our hands. 

I am grateful for you who support my brand, for the people working in our warehouse who are still picking and packing, and for UPS, Fedex, and the post office system, who are still driving and delivering. 

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Q&A Café with Nancy Taylor Bubes

April 22, 2019

Nancy Taylor Bubes and Carol Joynt (Photo by: Ada Polla) Nancy Taylor Bubes and Carol Joynt

On Good Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Carol Joynt’s Q&A Café, during which she chatted about Georgetown real estate with top performing agent and Georgetown resident herself Nancy Taylor Bubes. 


Bubes described Georgetown as residentially very strong: the community is tight, and people still want to live here (despite the trendiness of going further East). While the government shut down did not impact our neighborhood negatively, the “Amazon effect” is not being felt either. When asked about prices, Bubes noted that the biggest jump will happen when looking for a three-bedroom home. “At two bedrooms, you can still find something nice for $800K - $1.2 million,” she says. “The jump to three bedrooms is significant.”     

Sonya Bernhardt and Mary Bird (Photo by: Ada Polla) Sonya Bernhardt and Mary Bird


The commercial side of things, however, is a different story, with an increasing number of empty spaces, including the famed (and perhaps cursed) Nathan’s space at the corner of M and Wisconsin, and the site of the former Latham Hotel (construction is still at a standstill as the developer has apparently run out of money).  


Conversation then turned to sports (Bubes is a huge Nationals fan), politics (she still supports Jack Evans for Ward 2, and is not going to be running for office). 

Overall, a lovely way to ease into the Holiday weekend. 










Helena and Vincent Sagart (Photo by: Ada Polla) Helena and Vincent Sagart

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